Aluminum Science and Technology

ASM Handbook, Volume 2A
/ eds. Kevin Anderson, John Weritz, J. Gilbert Kaufman (2018)








The information on:

  • the processes
  • capabilities, and
  • variables

in producing and fabricating aluminum products.


  • the classification and underlying physical metallurgy of aluminum alloys
  • the technologies of aluminum casting, metalworking, composite processing, heat treating, surface treatment, and joining
  • the advances in high-integrity die castings
  • surface treatment technologies
  • aluminum recycling
  • melt processing, solidification, and castability of aluminum alloys
  • shape casting
  • extrusion
  • forging design
  • aluminum foams
  • semisolid casting
  • powder and additive technologies
  • quenching
  • laser machining
  • anodizing
  • organic coating
  • conversion coating
  • laser welding
  • brazing.