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Our site is an information portal for aluminium industry professionals, managers and engineers, theoreticians and practitioners, students and pupils – all, who is interested in aluminium, works with aluminium, studies aluminium.
The main goal of the site is to make up-to-date technical information about aluminium available to a wide range of specialists.Even complex issues we are trying to express in plain language.
The sources of information for our articles are university textbooks, scientific journals, monographs, practical guides, work instructions, theses, standards and other technical documents.
We regularly supplement, correct and refine our articles, to take into account the increased understanding of the topics addressed and reflect their current contemporary development.
All materials are prepared by active metallurgical specialists with more 20 years experience in working with aluminium – scientific, technical or practical.
We try to give the most reliable information and, whenever possible, always accompany it with links to authoritative sources.