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Tensile properties of Wrought Aluminum Alloys

Investigate the tensile properties of wrought aluminum, across many alloys such as 2014-O, 2014-T6, 2014-T651 and more.

In the book: ASM Handbook – Tensile, Creep, and Fatigue Data at High and Low Temperatures

/ ed. J. Gilbert Kaufman (2000)














300+ pages

Typical Tensile Properties of Wrought Aluminum Alloys

1xxx Pure Al

  • 1060-O
  • 1100-O
  • 1100-H12, 1100-H14, 1100-H18, 1100-H112

2xxx Al-Cu Alloys

  • 2011-T3, 2011-T451, 2011-T8
  • Alclad 2014-O, 2014-O, Alclad 2014-T6, Alclad 2014-T651, 2014-T4, 2014-T6, 2014-T61, 2014-T651
  • 2017-T4
  • 2018-T61
  • 2020-T6
  • 2021-T81
  • 2024-O, Alclad 2024-O, 2024-T3, 2024-T36, 2024-T4, 2024-T6, 2024-T81, -T85, 2024-T852, 2024-T86
  • 2117-T4
  • 2124-T851
  • 2218-T61
  • 2219-O, 2219-T37, 2219-T6, 2219-T62, 2219-T62, 2219-T62, 2219-T62, 2219-T81, 2219-T851, 2219-T8511, 2219-T852, 2219-T87
  • 2618-T6, 2618-T651, 2618-T61, 2618-T6511

3xxx Al-Mn Alloys

  • 3003-O, 3003-H12, 3003-H14, 3003-H18
  • 3004-O, 3004-H32, 3004-H34, 3004-H38

4xxx AI-Si Alloys

  • 4032-T6

5xxx Al-Mg Alloys

  • 5005-O, 5005-H14, 5005-H18, 5005-H19
  • 5050-O, 5050-H34, 5050-H38
  • 5052-O, 5052-H32, 5052-H34, 5052-H38, 5052-H112
  • 5056-O, 5056-H32, 5056-H34, 5056-H38
  • 5083-O, 5083-H111, 5083-H321
  • 5086-O, 5086-H32, 5086-H34
  • 5154-O, 5154-H32, 5154-H34, 5154-H38
  • 5356-O, 5356-H321
  • 5454-O, 5454-H32, 5454-H34
  • 5456-0, 5456-H111, 5456-H321, 5456-H323, 5456-H343

6xxx AI-Mg-Si Alloys

  • 6005-T5
  • 6061-O, 6061-T4, 6061-T451, 6061-T6, -T651, -T6511, 6061-T8
  • 6063-O, 6063-T1, 6063-T5, 6063-T6
  • 6066-T6511
  • 6070-T6
  • 6101-T6, 6101-T61, 6101-T63, 6101-T64, 6101-T8
  • 6151-T6
  • 6201-T81
  • 6262-T9
  • 6351-T5, 6351-T6
  • 6951-O, 6951-T4, 6951-T6

7xxx AI-Zn Alloys

  • 7005-T53, 7005-T6, 7005-T63, 7005-T6351
  • X7007-T6 (Obsolete Alloy)
  • 7039-T61, -T6151, 7039-T63, -T6351
  • 7050-T7451
  • 7075-T6, -T6511, 7075-T6, -T6511, -T651, 7075-T73, 7075-T76, -T651
  • 7079-T6 (Obsolete Alloy)
  • 7475-T61, 7475-T761

8xxx Al + Other Elements (Not Covered by Other Series)

  • X8076-H19
  • X8081-H112 (Obsolete Alloy), X8081-1125 (Obsolete Alloy)
  • 8280-O, H14


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