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Design of Aluminum Rolling Processes

Learn how to design aluminum rolling processes for foil, sheet, and plate with insights from the book ‘Handbook of Metallurgical Process Design’.

“Handbook of Metallurgical Process Design”

Eds. George E. Totten, Kiyoshi Funatani, Lin Xie (2004)









Hot and Cold Forming

  • Design of Forming Processes: Bulk Forming
  • Design of Forming Processes: Sheet Metal Forming
  • Design of Microstructures and Properties of Steel by Hot and Cold Rolling
  • Design of Aluminum Rolling Processes for Foil, Sheet, and Plate
    • Introduction
    • Typical alloys and properties
      • Homogenization
      • Hot Rolling
      • Rolling Conditions
    • Microstructure-Property Evolution
      • Work Hardening
        • Cold Deformation
        • Hot Deformation
      • Softening by Recovery and Recrystallization
        • Phenomenology
        • Driving Force
        • Kinetics
        • Recovery
        • Extended Recovery and Continuous Recrystallization
        • Nucleation
        • Growth Processes
      • Textures
        • Rolling Textures
        • Recrystallization Textures
        • Anisotropy
      • Properties and Specific Applications
        • Introduction
        • Use of Thick Al Plate in Aeronautical Applications
        • Hot Band for Welded Aluminum Wheels
        • Production of Can Body Stock for Beverage Cans
        • Brazing Sheet
        • Aluminum Sheet for Car Body Panels
        • Aluminum Foil Products for Packaging


  • Design of Semisolid Metal-Forming Processes
  • Extrusion
  • Superplastic Materials and Superplastic Metal Forming


  • The Design of Continuous Casting Processes for Steel
  • Continuous Casting Design by the Stepanov Method
  • Production and Inspection of Quality Aluminum and Iron Sand Castings
  • Die Casting Process Design

Heat Treatment

  • Heat-Treating Process Design
  • Design of Carburizing and Carbonitriding Processes
  • Design of Nitrided and Nitocarburized Materials
  • Design Principles for Induction Heating and Hardening
  • Laser Surface Hardening
  • Design of Steel-Intensive Quench Processes
  • Design of Quench Systems for Aluminum Heat Treating

Surface Engineering

  • Surface Engineering Methods
  • Design of Thermal Spray Processes
  • Designing a Surface for Endurance: Coating Deposition Technologies


  • Designing for Machining: Machinability and Machining Performance Considerations


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