Aluminum ET Seminars

Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar (2012)

The 10th Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar – ET’12

May 15-18, 2012
Miami, Florida, USA

ET ’12 Proceedings – Set (Book & Flash Drive)


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Volume I: Brief Contents

  • Extrusion/Die Practical
  • Extrusion Equipment
  • Extrusion/Die Theoretical


  • The Dynamics of Dead Zones in Hot Extrusion
  • The Influence of Die Bearing Geometry on Surface Recrystallization of 6xxx Extrusions

Tooling and Performance

  • Flow of Billet Surface Material During Extrusion of Al Alloys; Effect of Billet Quality and Process Conditions
  • 6005A: Practical Evidence of Advantages for Extruders and Their Customers
  • Improving the Wear and Extrusion Speed of Extrusion Tools with a Unique Duplex Surface Treatment
  • Developments in Hot Work Tool Steels: Looking Beyond the Basics toward True Savings in Aluminum Extrusion Tooling
  • Development of a New Aluminum Extrusion Hot Work Tool Steel
  • Increased Productivity using CVD-Coated Insert Tooling

Dies, Inserts, and Coatings

  • Die Heating Excellence and Energy Savings
  • Dies Digital Archive and Remote Correction System; Time and Cost Savings for Correction Departments
  • Optimal Die Prefill Practices for Soft Alloy Extrusion
  • Weldability Testing of Hard Deformable Aluminum Alloys Intended for Extrusion through Porthole Dies
  • Hot Extrusion of Al/SiC Powder through Porthole Die
  • A Study of Multi-material Die Insert Failure Mechanism in Aluminum Extrusion
  • Tribological Investigation on CVD-Coated Extrusion Dies

Best Practices

  • Helping the Customer – Part Two
  • Significant Extrusion Speed Increase Using Liquid Nitrogen to Eliminate Overheating of Dies during Extrusion Process
  • Simple Temperature Measurement Techniques for Extruders: Straightforward Solutions in a Tough Market

Hard Alloys

  • Development and Application of New AA2013 Alloy
  • Extrusion of Hard-Alloy, Thin-Wall Hollow Profiles
  • New Developments in Extrusion of 2xxx Alloys with Solution Heat Treatment on the Press


  • Heavy Duty Extrusion Presses for Large Profile Applications

For Large Profiles

  • Nondestructive Examination of Extrusion Press Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure Walls
  • Large Press Handling Systems
  • Extrusion Equipment Dedicated to Large Profile Press Line

Safety and Automation

  • Extrusion Press Safety from a Hydraulic System Design Perspective
  • A New Extrusion Press Concept
  • Evaluation of Process Mechanism and Parameters for Automated Stretching Line
  • Extruder Automation Comes of Age: A Review and Outlook of Automation Systems for Aluminum Extruders
  • Dummy Block Lubrication Best Practices

Container and Tooling

  • Interactions between Mechanical and Thermal Stresses in Extrusion Containers
  • New Materials and Intelligent Design on Extrusion Tooling

Die Heating and Preparation

  • Phase-Controlled Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing Applied to Reduce Flaking, Brittleness, and Improve Die Life
  • Die Cleaning and Polishing Production Experience
  • Innovative Integrated Plants of Die-Cleaning and Caustic Soda Recovery: Case History of a Big and Modern European Plant


  • Can Automated Die-Polishing Help Your Extrusion Output and Efficiency?
  • Improving Recovery with Rotary Log Welding
  • Efficiency Optimization of the Aluminium Extrusion Plants
  • Gas-Induction Inline Oven


Friction and Pickup

  • Analyzing the Tribological Phenomena in Hot Extrusion Processes by Using New Torsion-Tribo Test
  • Determination of Friction Behavior in Extrusion Processes with a New Experimental Method

Benchmark, Finite-Element Method, Metal Flow

  • A Review on FEM Codes Accuracy for Reliable Extrusion Process Analysis: the Extrusion Benchmark 2009 and 2011
  • Study of Effects of Variations in Process Parameters on the Extrusion Process by Use of Finite–Element Simulations
  • Application of Numerical Simulation Technology to Optimize Die Designs for the Production of Complex Aluminum Profiles
  • Constitutive Equations for Hot Extrusion of AA6005A, AA6063 and AA7020 Alloys
  • The State of the Art in Aluminum Extrusion Simulation Using the Finite Element Method

Weld and Finite-Element Method

  • Prediction of Position and Extent of Charge Welds in Hollow Profiles Extrusion
  • Practical Approach to Computer Simulation and Optimization of Complex Thin Profile Extrusion
  • Metal Flow Analysis in a Complex Die

Modeling, Microstructure and Simulation

  • Development of a Numerical Method for Simulation of Aluminum Extrusion Processes with Modeling of Microstructure
  • Modeling the Extrusion Process and the Microstructure Evolution for Hot Extrusion of AA3xxx Aluminum Alloys
  • Investigation of the Dynamic Grain Structure Evolution during Hot Extrusion of EN AW–6082
  • Through Process Modeling (TPM) of Grain Structure Evolution in 6xxx Series Aluminium Extrusions
  • Deformation Prediction of Porthole Dies after Multiple Extrusion Cycles
  • Distortion Mechanisms due to the Cooling Process in Aluminum Extrusion
  • Functional Data Analyses in Control of Extrusion Process

Composites and Nonconventional Materials

  • Influence of the Steel-Reinforcement Geometry on Position and Embedding Quality in Discontinuously-Reinforced, Co-Extruded Aluminum Profiles
  • Extrusion of Ingot and Powder Metallurgy Aluminum Matrix Composites Profiles
  • Simulation-Aided Design of Porthole Dies for Magnesium Alloys Extrusion

Volume II: Brief Contents

  • Billet Process & Equipment
  • Management Issues
  • Value-Added Processes


  • The Influence of Iron Content on the Tensile Properties and Anodizing Response of AA6060 Extrusions


  • Influence of Varying the Chemical Composition on the Extrusion Performance of AA6060 and AA6063 Alloys
  • High Speed Alloys: On the Optimization of 6xxx Alloys for Medium Strength Requirements
  • Influence of Fe and Mn Content on 6xxx Extrusion Alloys
  • Composition Analysis Uncertainty: Impact, Common Causes and Use of Production Limit Offsets to Ensure On-Composition Product
  • Effect of a New Solution and Aging Treatment on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of the H755 Aluminum Alloy
  • High Performance AA6063 Designed to Meet 6xxx Medium Strength Alloy Properties

Casting, Casthouse, Environmental Health & Safety

  • Large Diameter Billet Casting Technology
  • Effects of Different Lubricating Oils and Ceramic Ring Overhang (CRO) on the Surface Appearance of 6xxx series Alloy Billets
  • Transient Molten Metal Quality at the Start and End of DC Casting and the Impact on Extrusion
  • Molten Metal Safety in Aluminum DC Billet Casting
  • Reducing Environmental Impacts in the Casthouse
  • Minimizing Production Shutdowns through Effective Application and Maintenance of Safety Pit Coatings


  • Homogenization Aspects, Continuous versus Batch in an Integrated Modern Casthouse
  • A New Method to Control Load Temperature in Batch Homogenization Process
  • Homogenization of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Billets – Myths and Facts


  • Is Operational Modeling Worth the Effort? Using Simple Spreadsheet Models of Extrusion Operations to to Ask “What if”? Questions Regarding Equipment and Profiles


  • Six Sigma Methodology Analysis Applied to Extrusion Plant
  • The Practical Application of Advanced Linear Programming Modeling Techniques to Optimize Extrusion Operations
  • Flow Stress and Knowledge-Based Superextruders
  • Down Time Monitoring & Extrusion Process Monitoring
  • Extrusion Process Equipment Upkeep for Better Plant Performance — “Mission 95”
  • How Data Integrity can be Used as a Simple, Effective Means to Continuously Improve Extrusion Results
  • Using Data to Calculate Optimized Log Lengths and Mill Lengths in an Aluminum Extrusion Operation – A Case Study
  • Search For Similar Profiles through Pattern Matching Algorithms: Effectiveness and Advantages for Extrusion Companies
  • Employee Motivation in an Aluminum Extrusion Operation

Markets and Applications

  • Aluminum Consumption and Aluminum Extrusion Industry in China
  • Leveraging the Design Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions vs. Competitive Materials – How the Aluminum Extrusion Industry can Expand its Markets
  • Global Aluminium Applications in Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Economics of Aluminum Extrusion for Aerospace Applications


  • Optimization of Die Wear and Tear for 6063 Alloy
  • Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion Profitability through Competence

Sustainability and Recycling

  • Constructing the Sustainable Path Forward
  • The Effect of Die Design on the Mechanical Properties of Profiles Recycled From AA6060 Chips by Hot Extrusion
  • Trivalent Chromium: A “Green” Solution to Hexavalent Chromium
  • Green and Smart Anodizing: The Anodizing of the Future Available Today
  • Aspects of Preferential Grain Etching During Alkaline Pre-Etching Step Before Anodizing of Aluminium Profiles.


  • Trace Elements and their Impact on the Surface Finishing Characteristics of Aluminum Extrusions

Metallurgical Factors

  • Factors Affecting the Machinability of Al-Mg-Si Extrusions
  • Metallurgical Analysis of Surface Streaking Defect in AA6060 Extrudate


  • Aluminum in Solar: Manufacturing Cost Analysis of CSP Structures
  • Issues on the Design and Fabrication of Extruded Aluminum Framing for the Solar Industry

Process Improvements

  • Stretch Wrapping of Master Bundles and Wooden Battens
  • New Developments in Extrusion of Profiles with Variable Curvatures and Cross-Sections
  • A New Liberalization Trend in the Aluminum Fenestration Industry


  • The XS Plant: The Vertical Line for Window Makers
  • Advanced Decoration Technology for Aluminum
  • The World Highest Vertical Powder Coating Line for Aluminium Profiles
  • Acid Etching for Extruded Aluminium: Technical, Economical and Environmental Aspects

Design Developments

  • Innovative Extrusions for Value-Added Applications
  • Developments in the Design of Aluminum Extrusions for Structural Applications
  • Review of Past Innovations and Recent Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion Production: from Alloy to Process Development