Aluminium Alloys: Their Physical and Mechanical Properties

(2 Volume Set) / eds. Jürgen Hirsch, Günter Gottstein, Birgit Skrotzki








Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys, 22-26 Sept. 2008, Aachen, Germany

Volume 1


  • Precipitation Hardening: From Alfred Wilm to the Present
  • Innovation in Established Aluminium Sheet Products
  • Technical Challenges and Solutions for Aluminium in the Transportation Market
  • Nucleation and Growth in Technical Al and Mg-based Alloys: Simulation and Experiment
  • Recent Progress in Precipitation Modelling: Application to Al3Li
  • Process Chain Modelling of Al Sheet Production
  • Ultrafine Grained Al Alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation: Processes and Properties

Alloy Development

Automotive Applications

  • Automotive Applications: Cluster Hardening in Al-Cu-Mg; Analysis of Cu-Mg Atomic Clustering
  • Automotive Applications: The Effect of Mn on the Properties of Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Automotive Applications: Precipitation Strengthening and Alloys Design for 6061 Al-Mg-Si Alloys

Foundry Alloys

  • Foundry Alloys: The Effect of Si and Cu Content on Fe-Containing Intermetallic Particles in Al-Si-Cu-0.8Fe Alloys
  • Foundry Alloys: Series of Al-P Master Alloys and Their Application
  • Foundry Alloys: Alloy Development for Drive Train Applications
  • Foundry Alloys: Computer-Aided Development of Improved Alloys for Automotive Pistons
  • Precipattaion Engineering: Thermal Impact on Laboratory-Scale Heat Treatment on Hardening of Al-Zr-Sc Alloys

Other Applications

  • Other Applications: Optimising the Mechanical Properties of 7xxx Series Alloys for Controlling Composition and Precipitation Kinetics
  • Other Applications: Research on Mechanism of Chip-Breaking of Developed Lead-Free 6061 Based Alloy Under Two-Dimensional Cutting
  • Other Applications: The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Eutectic Alloys of the Ai-Ce-Cu Systems

Al-Li Alloys

  • Al-Li Alloys: Development of Corrosion Resistant, High Toughness Aluminum-Lithium Aerospace Alloys
  • Al-Li Alloys: Processing-Structure-Property Relationship in a High Strength Spray Formed Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag-Zr Alloys
  • Al-Li Alloys: Tailoring of Aluminium-Lithium Alloys for Semi-Solid Processed Automotive Parts
  • Aerospace Applications: Metallurgical Insights into the Improved Performance of Aluminum Alloy 7085 Thick Products
  • Aerospace Applications: AA 7037 – A New High Strength Aluminum Alloy for Aerospace Applications
  • Aerospace Applications: Analysis of the Potential of Lithium as an Alloying Addition to Aluminium Aerospace Alloys
  • Alloy Development: Industrial Development of Hi-Tech Alloy B-1341 of Al-Mg-Si System Alloyed by Calcium
  • Alloy Development: Cast Piston Alloys Based on Ternary Al-Mg-Si System with Increased Mechanical Characteristics for Automobile Industry
  • Alloy Development: An Effect of Chemical Composition and Heat Treatment on Phase Composition and Properties of Al-Cu-Li-Zn Alloy V-1461 with Zr, Sc Additives
  • Alloy Development: The Structure? Formability and Weldability of B-1341 Al-Mg-Si Alloy Sheets
  • Alloy Development: Investigation in Properties` Design of Heat Resistant AlZrSc Alloy Wires Assigned for Electrical Applications
  • Alloy Development: Surface Modification of Aluminum Alloys
  • Alloy Development: A High Efficient Al-Ti-C Refiner Produced by Melt Reaction Method
  • Alloy Development: Effect of Different Micro Alloying Elements on the Structure of Hypereutectic Aluminium-Silicon Alloys Used to Produce Monolithic Engine Blocks

Casting and Solidification

Melt Treatment, Grain Refinement & Modification I

  • Mechanism of Grain Refinement of Aluminium – Almost All You Need to Know
  • The Use of Edge-to-Edge Matching in Understanding the Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys
  • Contribution of Different Grain Structures to Macrosegregation of Aluminium Alloy Billets
  • Effect of Mn and Cr Addition on Solidification Microstructure of 2xxx Alloy with High Sn Content
  • Characteristics of Ultrasonic Cavitation and its Effects on Crystal Refinement of Aluminum Alloys
  • Effects of Isothermal Ultrasonic Treatment on Microstructure of a Model Al-4wt% Co alloy
  • Ultrasounds: a New Technology for Alloy Degassing, Grain Refinement and Obtainment of a Thixotropic Structure
  • Influence of Sn on Solidification Characteristics and Properties of AlSiCuMg Cast Alloys: Experimental and Thermodynamic Approaches
  • Microstructure of Eutectic Al-Si Alloy Billet Produced by Continuous Casting Process Used Heat Insulating and Rapid Cooling Mold

Solidification Processing of High Strength Wrought Alloys

  • A New Approach to Producing Super-high Strength Al-10Zn-2.3Mg-2.4Cu-Zr Aluminum Alloy Billets
  • Formation of Primary ZrAl3 Intermetallic Particles in AA7046A Alloy
  • Metallurgical Peculiarities in Hyper-Eutectic AlSc and AlMgSc Engineering Materials Prepared by rapid Solidification Processing

Solidification Processing of Foundry Alloys

  • Through-Process Modelling of Al-Si Die-CastingInfluence of Al-3Ti-B and Sr on the Microstructure and Cooling Behaviour of A356 Aluminium Alloy
  • The Impact of Chemistry on the Dendrite Coherency Point of the 3XX Series of Aluminum Alloys
  • Formation of Eutectic Al-Si and Iron-rich Intermetallics in Strontium-Modified Al-Si Alloys
  • Melt Conditioned High Pressure Die Casting (MC-HPDC) Process for High Quality Aluminium Components
  • Improving Melt Quality in Casting Furnaces be a Gas Purging Treatment
  • Computer Simulation of RIST Continuous Wheel Casting and Rolling for Aluminum Alloys


Recycling of Aluminium

  • A Recycle Index For Aluminum Alloys
  • Solid State Recycling of Aluminum Chip Wastes by Compressive Torsion Processing
  • Recycling of Aluminium Alloy Turning Scrap via Cold Pressing and Melting with Salt Flux

Thermomechanical Processing

TwinRoll Casting

  • Effect of Iron Content on the Structural Transformations in Al-Mn-Fe-Si Twin-Roll Cast Alloys during Annealing
  • An Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure in Al-Fe-Mn-Si-Zn Based Alloy Produced by Twin Roll Strip Casting Process
  • Evaluation of Recovery Kinetics of the Aluminum Alloy AA3103 Using Stress Relaxation and Double Tension Tests

Ultra Fine Grain (SPF) Processing

  • 3-D Tracking of Hydrogen Micro-Pores during Aluminum Production Process
  • Age Hardening of Fine Grained 6061 Al Alloy Sheets Produced bMicroy Accumulative Roll-Bonding (ARB) Process
  • Tensile Property of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy Re-fined by Compressive Torsion Processing
  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Al-Mg-Si Alloys Subjected to Continuous Cycle Bending and Aging


  • Hot Workability of As-Cast and Homogenized Alloy AA 6063: Flow Stress Studies
  • On the Effect of Supersaturation and Dispersoids on the Microstructure Development After Extrusion of AlMn-Alloys

Thermomechanical Processing

  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Two Aluminium Alloys Obtained by Two Methods of Rapid Solidification
  • Effect of Homogenization Treatment on the Sizes, Distributions of Dispersoids in AA7475 Aluminium Alloy
  • Measurement of Solute Concentration in Alpha Solution of Ternary Aluminum Alloys and its Application
  • Studies of the Homogenizing Treatment Made on Billets of Alloy 7003
  • Modelling Recrystallisation Behavior of AA6016 During Breakdown Hot Rolling
  • Mechanical Analysis of Intermetallic Particle Break-Up During Hot Rolling of Al Alloys
  • Effect of Retrogression and Reaging Treatments on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy


High Resolution Analysis

  • Structural Description of GRB/GRBII Zones in Al-Cu-Mg Alloys
  • Imaging of Metallic Foams Using X-ray Micro CT
  • Three-Dimensional Analysis of Grain Deformation in Al-Cu Alloy by Means of High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography
  • X-ray NanoCT of Aluminium Samples^ Visualizing of Internal 3D-Structureswith Submicrometer Resolution


  • Substructure Development of AA6082 During Hot Deformation
  • Nanocluster-Dislocation Interactions for two Types of Nanoclusters in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • A Study on Microstructure and Properties of a High Strength &B04 Al Alloys Pre-strtched Plate at Various Aging Tempers
  • The Influence of Cu on Hardness and Microstructure in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • Variations in Tensile Properties and Fracture Surfaces of Heat Treated Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Alloy Plate at Ambient and Subzero Temperatures

Atom Probe Tomography

  • Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of T1 and Theta` Precipitation in an Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Ag
  • Atom Probe Tomography: Precipitation Kinetics of Si in Al-Si Alloys Revealed by Dilatometry

Characterization of Ageing

  • Crystal Structure of the β`-Phase in a Silver-Added Al-Mg-Si Alloy
  • Nanostructure Studies of Early Decomposition and Precipitation Stage in Age-Hardenable Aluminium Alloys
  • Quantifying the Strain-Induced Dissolution of Shearable Precipitates in Al Alloy Microstructures

Complementary Techniques

  • 3D Study of the Eutectics in Al-Si and Al-Si-Mg Alloys


  • Analytical TEM Investigations of Precipitation Hardening in Aluminum Alloy 6016
  • Effect of Artificial Aging on Microstructure and Properties of a Novel Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr Alloy
  • Synchrotron-based Dual Energy K-edge Subtraction Imaging for Three-dimensional Concentration Mapping
  • Effect of Ion-Plating on the Detection of Hydrogen in a Pure Aluminum by Means of Hydrogen Microprint Technique
  • Study of Microhardness and Microstructure of Welded Aluminium Alloy 7039 Using the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process
  • The Microstructure of the Thread Area in Aluminum Alloy 2024 Forgings
  • Characterization of Mechanically Milled and Spark Plasma Sintered Pure Aluminium
  • The Influence of Ti Additions in Al-Li Base Alloys
  • Microstructural Changes in an Al-Si Alloys after Compression at Different Strain Rates and Temperature
  • Measuring Texture in the Presence of Coarse Grains

Phase Transformation


  • 3DAP Characterization of Two Types of Nanoclusters and Bake-Hardening Behavior of Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • Micro-alloying Effects of Ag, Mg and In on Aging Characteristics and Microstructure of an Al-Cu-Li Alloy
  • Influencing the Precipitation Behavior of Mn-Contained Dispersoids During Homogenization of AA3xxx Aluminium Alloys

X-Ray Analysis

  • In-situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering Study of Precipitation Kinetics During Thermomechanical Treatments in a 7xxx Aluminium Alloy
  • Local Phase Analysis in the Welded Seam of a FW Al7020/Ti6Al4V Sample
  • In-situ Study of Precipitate Composition in 7000 Series Aluminium Alloys by Anomalous Small-Angle Scattering


  • Precipitation Behavior of Pre-aged Al-Mg-Si Alloys at Low Temperatures
  • Influence of Silicon and Residual Elements on the Precipitation of Cast Aluminium-Copper Alloy
  • On the Mechanisms of Temperature-Dependent Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys During Multi-Step Ageing
  • Effect of Ag/Cu Addition on Precipitates in Excess Mg Type Al-Mg-Si Alloy


  • Decomposition of a Mn-Saturated Solid Solution in an AA3xxx Alloy During the Cooling Process After Homogenization
  • Microstructural Evolution of AA7020 Aluminum Alloys during Homogenization
  • Phase Transformation in Alloys 1424 (Al-Li-Mg) and 1441 (Al-Li-Cu-Mg) During Long Term Low-Temperature Exposure (LLTE)

Phase Transformation

  • The Effect of an External Applied Far Field Tensile Stress on the Early Stages of Ageing in a 7475 Aerospace Alloy
  • Precipitation Behaviors of a Zr-Containing AA7050 Alloy Large Ingot During Controlled Homogenization
  • The Effect of Long-Living Quenched in Vacancies on Aging Process Activation Energy in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • Quantitative Estimation of the Transformation of Ferrous Phases during Homogenizing Annealing of Alloys of the 6XXX Series
  • Al3Sc/Al3Zr Composite Particles Formation in Deformed Al-Mg Alloys
  • Quantitative Characterization of the Precipitation Kinetics in an AA2198 Al-Li-Cu Alloy
  • Age Hardening and Accompanying Transformations of Supersaturated Al-77%(w)Zn and Mg-5.5%(w)Zn Solid Solutions
  • Effect of Trace Mg and Zn Additions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Cu-Li-Mn-Zr Alloy
  • The Effect of Ag and Cu Addition on Precipitation Sequence in Al-1.0mass%Mg2Si-excess0.4mass%Si Alloy
  • Microstructural Stability and Related Mechanical Properties of an Al-Cu-Mg-Si Alloy

Recrystallization and Texture

  • Stress Induced Migration of <100> Tilt Grain Boundaries in Al-Bicrystals
  • Modelling of Structure Evolution During Hot Working of AA5083
  • Hot Rolling Texture Evolution of an Al-Cu-Li Alloy AA2050
  • Influence of Texture on Roping Development in Al-Mg-Si Alloy Sheet
  • Stability of Cube Orientation in Aluminum Under Plane Strain Compresion: A Grain-Grain Interaction Perspective

Processes, Properties, Modelling

Casting, Properties and Microstructure

  • Prediction of Room Temperature Mechanical Properties in Aluminium Casting

Process and Properties

  • Enhanced Precision in Heat Treatment of Aluminium Sheets and Plates by Simulation Supported Process Design
  • Machining and Simulations of Lightweight Frame Components
  • Deformation and Damage in Al Based Composites. FE Simulations and Experiments
  • Continuous Cooling Precipitation Diagrams of Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloys

Process, Mechanical and Heat Treatment Modeling

  • Anisotropic Deformation and Damage in Aluminium 2198 T8 Sheets
  • Modeling Microstructure Evolution in an A356 Casting Alloy During Solution Treatment
  • Massive Multi-Phase-Field Simulations Methods to Compute Large Grain Systems
  • Characterization and Modeling of the Deformation and Damage Behavior of Aluminum Materials for Crash Simulation
  • Crystal Structure Determination of the B` Phase in Al-Mg-Si Alloys by Combining Quantitative Electron Diffraction and Ab Initio Calculations
  • Coarsening Kinetics of Aluminium-Scandium and Aluminium-Zirconium-Scandium Precipitates
  • Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Evolution of Nanostructure During the Early Stages of Aging in Al alloys

Simulation and Modeling

  • Atomic Bonding and Properties of Al-Li-Se Alloy
  • An Inverse Problem in the Phase-Field Transition System. The 2D Case
  • Lattice-Gas-Decomposition Model for Vacancy Formation Correlated with B2 Atomic Ordering in Binary Intermetallics: Triple Degects and Constitutional Vacancies in NiAl Revisited
  • Modelling of Work Hardening during Cold Deformation of Quenched and naturally Aged Al-Mg and Al-Cu Alloys
  • Crushing Behaviour of Honeycomb Structures – Numerical Simulation and Experiment
  • Modelling of Yield Strength Cast Al-Mg Alloys
  • Constitutive Modelling of Thermo-Mechanical Deformation of AA6xxx: Relevance of Static Recovery
  • Crystal Structure Determination of the Q` and C-Type Plate Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-Cu (6xxx) Alloys
  • Numerical Optimization of the Reinforcement Position in Aluminum Composite Extrusion
  • The Influence of the Residual Stresses on the Fracture Behaviour of Aluminium Al6061 Alloy with 10% of Al2O3 Particles
  • Thermophysical properties of Al-Cu liquid alloys
  • Analytical Model for Prediction Strength of Al Alloys: Unified Multi-Mechanistic Description Applied to Friction Stir Proceeded, Welded, Cold Rolled and Age Hardened Alloys
  • 3D Characterization, Modeling, and Effective Thermal Conductivity of Open Aluminum Foams
  • A 3D Monte Carlo Simulation of the Texture Evolution during Recrystallisation of an Al-Mg-Mn Alloy
  • Combined Modelling for Process Optimization og Friction Stir Welding of High Strength 7xxx Aluminium Alloys
  • Extrusion Benchmark 2007 – Effect of Pocket Shape in the Extrusion of Aluminum Profiles
  • Computational Simulations of Aluminum Cellular Structures

Mechanical Properties

Strength, Deformation & Fracture

  • Improvement of Fatigue Life of Aluminium Castings by Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Heat-Treatment, Grain-Boundary Characteristics and Fracture Resistance of Some Aluminium Alloys

Ultra Fine Grained Materials

  • Effects of Grain Size on Age-Hardening and Fracture Behaviour of an Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr (8090) Alloy
  • On Fracture of Fine- and Ultra-Fine Grain Aluminium Alloys Processed via Complex Angular Pressing
  • Investigation into the Strength of Components Made of UFG Aluminium Alloys

Creep, High Temperature Deformation

  • Quantitative Estimation of Microstructural Dependence of Creep Characteristics for 3003 Aluminium Alloy Sheet
  • Creep Process of AlMgSi Alloy Wires under Changeable Loads
  • Creep Behavior of Spray-Deposited Al8090/SiCp Composite
  • AlMgSi Alloy Properties Evolution Due to Long Time Elevated Temperature Exposition

Fatigue I

  • Fatigue Crack Growth in Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Joints Subjected to In-Phase Biaxial Loads
  • Effect of Different Factors on the Gigacycle Fatigue Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys
  • Fatigue Behaviour of Welded Aluminium Constructions under Multiaxial Loading
  • Fatigue Behaviour of High Performance Spray-Compacted Aluminium Alloys
  • Effects of Small Additions of Ge on the Microstructure of Precipitation and Fatige Strength for Dilute Al-Si Alloy
  • Effect of Zr on the Tensile Properties and Electrical Conductivity of Al-Cu Wires

Effect of Precipitates / Effect of Microstructure

  • Effect of Prolonged Aging on the Mechanical Behaviour of a Forged Al-Cu-Mg-Si-Mn Alloys
  • The Influence of Plate-Shaped, Shear-Resistant Precipitates on the Work Yardening of Al-Cu Based Alloys: Development of a Quantitative Description of the sy / eu Correlation
  • Aging phenomena after brazing of Al alloys contained Mg used in heat exchangers
  • The Effect of Deformation on the Aging Response of an Al-Mg-Si Alloy
  • Effect of Pre-Deformation on Aging Hardening Kinetics in Commercial 6xxx Alloys
  • Mechanical Characteristics of Post-b“ Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • The Temperature Dependence of the Bauschinger Effect in AA6111
  • Dynamically Responding Microstructures: a Means to Simultaneously Achieve High Strength and High Elongation in Al Alloys?
  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Cu-Mn Cold Rolled Sheet Alloys

Mechanical Properties

  • Effect of Excess Silicon on Microstructural Stability of AlMgSi Alloys
  • Mechanical Properties of 7xxx Aluminum Alloy System Foam Containing Scandium
  • Improvement of the Fatigue Behaviour of an Aluminium Cast Alloy by Surface Modification and Heat Treatment
  • Doubling of Strength and Plasticity of AMg6 Commercial Aluminum Alloy Processed by ECAP Technology
  • Enhanced Aluminium Based Components Through Liquid Forging Process
  • XRD Analysis and FEM Simulation of Residual Stress Distribution on Laser Shocked Aluminum Alloy
  • Fracture Toughness Temperature Relationship of Two Al-Alloys

Forming and Formability

Forming Models

  • Application of a Surface Energy-Based Friction Model to Deep Drawing of Aluminium
  • Effect of Reversion Process on Tube Expansion of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy in T4 Temper

Automotive Sheet

  • Trimming of Aluminium Alloy Sheets: Experimental and Numerical Investigations

Special Materials

  • Hemming of Aluminum Automotive Sheets
  • Towards Shot Peen Forming of Sandwich and Laminate Sheets: Basic Investigations and First Industrial Applications

Forming and Formability

  • The Mesoscopic Mechanism of the Isothermal Shear Fracture of Aluminium Alloys
  • Structural Changes Induced by Hydrostatic Extrusion Process of Aluminum
  • Hot Compression Formability of Scandium-Containing 7XXX Aluminium Alloys
  • Investigation of Properties and Structure of V95och (7475) and V96Zr-3pch (7449) Alloys during Stress Ageing
  • Hot Tensile Behaviour of an Al-5,5Zn-1,2Mg Alloy
  • Crack Deviation During Trimming of Aluminium Automotive Sheets
  • Technological Plasticity of Aluminum Alloys under Pulse-Magnetic Loading. Forming of Hollow Billets

Joining Technology

Constitution of Thermal Joints

  • Effect of Cooling Rate and Silicon Content on Solidification Path and Phase Constituents in 6060 Aluminum Castings and Weld Metal
  • Al-Al Compound Cast Couples – Interface Formation and Mechanical Properties
  • Ultrasonic Welding of Aluminum/CFRP-Joints – Am Innovative Technology for a Multi-Material Design in Light Weight Structures

Microstructural Phenomena of FSW Joints

  • Improvement in Ductility of Friction Stir Welded Al-Mg-Si Alloy T4 Sheet
  • Microstructural and Mechanical Investigation of Thin FSW Aluminium Joints
  • Characterization of Toughness in Aerospace Aluminium Alloy Friction Stir Welds. Comparison Between 6xxx and 7xxx Series Alloys
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of AA6056 Al-Alloy Friction Stir Welded in T4 and T6 Temper Conditions
  • Friction Stir Welding Behaviour of 2098 Type Alloys and Resulting Weld Properties

Innovative Welding Processes

  • Characteristic Interfacial Microstructure of Aluminum Alloy/Steel Lap Joints Fabricated by Several Advanced Welding Methods
  • Firmly Bonded Joints Between Steel and Aluminium by Arc Welding
  • MPW – A New Tool for Cold Welding of Thin Walled and Conventionally Unweldable Aluminum Tubular Components

Joining Technology

  • The Influence of Manufacture Parameters on the Shear Strength of Aluminium Based Spot Welds
  • Optimisation of Inertia Friction Welding Steel tp 6061 Aluminium
  • Analysis of Process Chains Including Thermal Joining in view of Distorsion
  • Mechanical Properties of Friction Welding Joints of 5056 Aluminum Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
  • In-situ Observation of Magnetic Pulse Process for Similar and Dissimilar Lap Joints Using a High-Speed Video Camera
  • Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Friction Stir Welding Aluminum Joints
  • Effects of Welding Parameters on Microstructures of 5083 Aluminum Alloy Welded Joints
  • Laser Beam Welding of Advanced Aluminium Aircraft Alloys
  • Constructions of Assembly Joints and Pulse-magnetic Technology for their Realization

Corrosion and Surface

Surface and Surface Treatment

  • Influence of Microstructure on the Corrosion Performance of an Al-Cu-Li Alloy Treated by Excimer Laser Surface Melting
  • Effects of Weld Dressing, Laser Surface Melting and Laser Shot Peening on the Fatigue Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA2024
  • Surface Modification and Coating of Aluminum Using a Novel Ultrasonic-Assisted Technique
  • Electrochemical Impedance Characteristics of 6000 Series Aluminum Alloys produced by Conventional and Powder Extruded Methods

Corrosion and Surface

  • Effects of Alloying Elements on Zincate Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Al-Zn-Ca and Al-Zn-Ca-Mg Sacrifice Anodes, microalloyed with V and Ti
  • Nanoparticle Based Impregnation of Anodic Layers on Aluminum Alloys
  • Co-Extrusion of Aluminium Alloy to Improve the Surface Properties
  • Superhydrophobic Aluminum Surfaces: Extended Preparation Routes and Characterization
  • Refractory Materials and Products Based on Natural Wollastonite and Silicon Nitride for Making Ceramic Accessories to be Used in Aluminum Industry
  • Surface Technological Properties of Zn-Ni Coated Al 6082 Alloy
  • SCC Susceptibility and Formability in Relation to Different TMT`s of an Al-6.8 wt% Mg Alloy Sheet

Novel Materials

Nanostructured and High-Strength Alloys

  • Influence of Content, Distribution and Size of Mg2Si-Precipitates on Properties of Spray Formed Aluminum Alloys

Composites I

  • Fatigue Life, Residual Stress and Cyclic Crack Growth of Friction Stir Welded AA2124+25% SiC
  • Mechanical Properties of Compound Extruded Unidirectional Reinforced Aluminum Alloys under Quasi-static Loading
  • Enhancement of Creep Resistance of Al-Alloys by Particle Reinforcement
  • Relationship between Residual Stress of Metal Matrix and Wear Properties of SiC Particle Reinforced Al Composites
  • Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites: Fabrication & Mechanical Properties

Novel Materials: Posters

  • Upgrade Recycling of Aluminum Foil Chips for Cellular Solid
  • Dynamic Analysis of Alumina – Aluminum FG Cylinders Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Loads Using Analytical Solution
  • Strengthening of Aluminum Foams by Infilling of Surface Open Pores with Resin
  • Accumulative Roll Bonding of AlMg3 Alloy at Different Strain Rate
  • Structure and Properties of a New Class of Composite Materials on the Basis of System Al-Fe0Si and Al-Fe-Si-Cu Obtained by Mechanical Milling
  • Influence of Ceramic addition on stabilization and properties of PM-6061 Aluminium Foams
  • Improvement of High Temperature Strength in Al-SiC Composite by the Addition of Cu and Ni
  • Development of New Nanocrystalline Lutetium Aluminates
  • Ultrafine Grain Structure Formation in Aluminium via Constrained Groove Pressing
  • Extrudability and Foaming Behavior of Composite AlMg1Si0.7/SiC and AlSi12/SiC Metal Foam Precursors Obtained by the PM Route
  • Ultrafine Structure of Assymetrically Rolled 6082 Alloys
  • Cell Morphology of Al-Ti and Al-Ni Intermetallic Foam Fabricated by Combustion Foaming Process
  • Nanocrystallisation of Al-Based Metallic Glasses
  • An Investigation of an Al-Fe-Cr-Ti Alloy Produced in Bulk Form by Spraycasting



  • Contribution of Aluminium to the Multi-material Light-weight BIW Design of SuperLight-Car
  • Advanced Sheet Metal Components Reinforced by Light Metal Cast Structures
  • Fatigue Design of AA6061 Thin-Walled Structures Under Variable Amplitude Loading
  • Hot Forming of Al-Mg-Mn Alloys for Light-weight Car Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing of Aluminium Parts for Serial Production via Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Characterizaton of the AlSi7 with Sc and Mg Sheets Use to Deep Drawing
  • Logistics for Aluminum Extruders, Distributors and Window Manufacturers; A Strategic Move to Competitiveness
  • Sectors of Pulse-Magnetic Processing of Materials (PMPM) at Enterprises of Different Branches of Inductry


  • Interaction of Mecury to a Constructonal Alloys and Development of the new Methods of Mercury Affected Objects Cleaning