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Aluminium Alloys Development

Learn about recent innovations and challenges in Aluminium Alloys Development at 11th International Conference. Establish new solutions in Al sheet production, ultrafine Al alloys, and more.








Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys, 22-26 Sept. 2008, Aachen, Germany
(2 Volume Set) / eds. Jürgen Hirsch, Günter Gottstein, Birgit Skrotzki

Selected contents

Volume 1


  • Precipitation Hardening: From Alfred Wilm to the Present
  • Innovation in Established Aluminium Sheet Products
  • Technical Challenges and Solutions for Aluminium in the Transportation Market
  • Nucleation and Growth in Technical Al and Mg-based Alloys: Simulation and Experiment
  • Recent Progress in Precipitation Modelling: Application to Al3Li
  • Process Chain Modelling of Al Sheet Production
  • Ultrafine Grained Al Alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation: Processes and Properties

Aluminium Alloy Development

Automotive Applications

  • Automotive Applications: Cluster Hardening in Al-Cu-Mg; Analysis of Cu-Mg Atomic Clustering
  • Automotive Applications: The Effect of Mn on the Properties of Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Automotive Applications: Precipitation Strengthening and Alloys Design for 6061 Al-Mg-Si Alloys

Foundry Alloys

  • Foundry Alloys: The Effect of Si and Cu Content on Fe-Containing Intermetallic Particles in Al-Si-Cu-0.8Fe Alloys
  • Foundry Alloys: Series of Al-P Master Alloys and Their Application
  • Foundry Alloys: Alloy Development for Drive Train Applications
  • Foundry Alloys: Computer-Aided Development of Improved Alloys for Automotive Pistons
  • Precipattaion Engineering: Thermal Impact on Laboratory-Scale Heat Treatment on Hardening of Al-Zr-Sc Alloys

Other Applications

  • Other Applications: Optimising the Mechanical Properties of 7xxx Series Alloys for Controlling Composition and Precipitation Kinetics
  • Other Applications: Research on Mechanism of Chip-Breaking of Developed Lead-Free 6061 Based Alloy Under Two-Dimensional Cutting
  • Other Applications: The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Eutectic Alloys of the Ai-Ce-Cu Systems

Al-Li Alloys

Casting and Solidification

Melt Treatment, Grain Refinement & Modification I

Solidification Processing of High Strength Wrought Alloys

Solidification Processing of Foundry Alloys


Recycling of Aluminium

  • A Recycle Index For Aluminum Alloys
  • Solid State Recycling of Aluminum Chip Wastes by Compressive Torsion Processing
  • Recycling of Aluminium Alloy Turning Scrap via Cold Pressing and Melting with Salt Flux

Thermomechanical Processing

TwinRoll Casting

Ultra Fine Grain (SPF) Processing


Thermomechanical Processing


High Resolution Analysis


Atom Probe Tomography

Characterization of Ageing

Complementary Techniques


Phase Transformation


X-Ray Analysis



Phase Transformation

Recrystallization and Texture

Processes, Properties, Modelling

Casting, Properties and Microstructure

Process and Properties

Process, Mechanical and Heat Treatment Modeling

Simulation and Modeling

Mechanical Properties

Strength, Deformation & Fracture

  • Improvement of Fatigue Life of Aluminium Castings by Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Heat-Treatment, Grain-Boundary Characteristics and Fracture Resistance of Some Aluminium Alloys

Ultra Fine Grained Materials

Creep, High Temperature Deformation

Fatigue I

Effect of Precipitates / Effect of Microstructure

Mechanical Properties

  • Effect of Excess Silicon on Microstructural Stability of AlMgSi Alloys
  • Mechanical Properties of 7xxx Aluminum Alloy System Foam Containing Scandium
  • Improvement of the Fatigue Behaviour of an Aluminium Cast Alloy by Surface Modification and Heat Treatment
  • Doubling of Strength and Plasticity of AMg6 Commercial Aluminum Alloy Processed by ECAP Technology
  • Enhanced Aluminium Based Components Through Liquid Forging Process
  • XRD Analysis and FEM Simulation of Residual Stress Distribution on Laser Shocked Aluminum Alloy
  • Fracture Toughness Temperature Relationship of Two Al-Alloys

Forming and Formability

Forming Models

Automotive Sheet

Forming and Formability

Joining Technology

Constitution of Thermal Joints

Microstructural Phenomena of FSW Joints

Innovative Welding Processes

Joining Technology

Corrosion and Surface

Surface and Surface TreatmentI

Novel Materials

Nanostructured and High-Strength Alloys

Composites I

Novel Materials: Posters



  • Contribution of Aluminium to the Multi-material Light-weight BIW Design of SuperLight-Car
  • Advanced Sheet Metal Components Reinforced by Light Metal Cast Structures
  • Fatigue Design of AA6061 Thin-Walled Structures Under Variable Amplitude Loading
  • Hot Forming of Al-Mg-Mn Alloys for Light-weight Car Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing of Aluminium Parts for Serial Production via Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Characterizaton of the AlSi7 with Sc and Mg Sheets Use to Deep Drawing
  • Logistics for Aluminum Extruders, Distributors and Window Manufacturers; A Strategic Move to Competitiveness
  • Sectors of Pulse-Magnetic Processing of Materials (PMPM) at Enterprises of Different Branches of Inductry


  • Interaction of Mercury to a Constructonal Alloys and Development of the new Methods of Mercury Affected Objects Cleaning