Aluminum ET Seminars

Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar (1969)

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March 3-5, 1969 New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

  • The Market for Aluminum Extrusion, Present and Future
  • Evaluating Extrusion Plant Operations
  • Extrusion Press Selection
  • Recent Developments in Melting and Liquid Aluminum Transfer Equipment
  • Aluminum Melting and Scrap Reclamation by Induction
  • Metaullics, the Engineering Concept of Moving Metal Like Water
  • C. Vertical Casting of Aluminum Extrusion Ingot
  • Horizontal Casting of Extrusion Ingot
  • The Influence of Alloying Elements and Homogenizing Treatment on the Extrudability of Wrought Aluminum Alloys
  • How the Properties and Microstructure of 6063 Alloy Extrusions Depend Upon Fabricating Practice
  • Extrusion of 5083 Alloy
  • The Metallurgy of Press Heat-Treatable Al-Zn-Mg Extrusion Alloys
  • The Physical Metallurgy of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Billet Preheat Treatment
  • Panel Discussion – Billet Heating:
    • Induction Heating of Aluminum Billets for Extrusion
    • Gas Heating of Aluminum Billets for Extrusion
    • The Cutting of Aluminum Logs into Billets
  • Computer Simulation of Temperature Rise During Extrusion
  • Hard Alloy Precision Extrusions
  • Homogenizing Furnace Design and Construction
  • Recent Advances in Extrusion Presses
  • Speed Measurement and Regulation on Hydraulic Rod and Tube Extrusion Presses
  • European Oil-Hydraulic High-Pressure Pumps for Extrusion Presses
  • The Design of Extrusion Dies and Tools
  • Design and Manufacturing of Aluminum Extrusion Dies
  • Aluminum Extrusion Tooling, Where Do We Stand?
  • Improved Steels for Highly Stressed Extrusion Dies and Their Heat Treatment
  • Metallurgical Aspects of Press Heat Treatment
  • Super Quenching of Aluminum Extrusions
  • Hydrostatic Extrusion
  • Extrusion Packaging
    • Extrusion Packaging – An Overview
    • Overpacking and Underpacking – Enemies of Profit
  • The Extrusion Process From the Press Through the Saw
  • The Effects of the Metallurgical Structure on the Mechanical Properties and Appearance of Anodically Treated Extrusions