Extrusion press alignment: tools and techniques

(Cm. Reconciliation also press – General principles)

For, to extrusion press can fully show their technical capabilities for the production of aluminum profiles of high quality, it requires constant monitoring of alignment and centering it as a whole and its constituent parts.

Laser alignment of the press

Laser alignment is the best option for fast and accurate press alignment (Figure 1). It is gradually replacing the traditional mechanical methods, which have been used since the 1950's. However, since Laser tools not always available, the following are tools and devices for conventional mechanical alignment. To avoid any misunderstanding with the translation, including, reverse, I bring together Russian translation of the English original titles.

lazernoe-vyravnivanie-pressaFigure 1

Normal alignment press

Machine-building level

Mashinists Level

Accuracy 0,004 mm / m. Do not apply on hot surfaces.


Surveyer’s Precision Optical Level
Accuracy 0,001 mm / m.

Laser level

Usually used instead of theodolite (figure 2).

lazernyy-urovenFigure 2

Rod shtangeltsirkuls

Trammel Rod

It is made to order. Used to measure distances between cross members (or between column bushings). Steel or aluminum tube is equipped at one end with a micrometer, and on the other - a spherical tip (figure 3). In order to ensure the necessary accuracy, these rods have a special supporting device for preventing their deflection under its own weight, as well as thermal insulation to prevent heat from the thermal expansion of the container.

sterzhen-shtangelcirkulFigure 3


Gauges for container / ram - Container Taper Gauges

kalibr-vyravnivaniya-konteineraFigure 4


Slope rail adapters (2 pieces)

for presses, in which the guide frame is not horizontal, and oblique ones use special adapters (figure 5), which allow the use of normal base points in horizontal alignment frame press.

адаптерFigure 5

"Piano" string

Piano Wire

The diameter of the strings 0,4 to 0,5 mm, strength from 1700 to 3400 N / mm2 (drawing 6).

vyravnivanie-pressa-royalnoy-strunoyFigure 6

Bracing for "piano" string

Fixtures for Piano Wire Tensioning

The determination of the center line of the press with the help of a "piano" string is carried out by pulling it between the centers of the hole of the front cross member and the ram (figure 7).

kreplenie-royalnoy-strunyFigure 7

leveling pipe

Precision Tube Fixture

Instead of strings used for leveling the appliance from the finely crafted pipe with special patients with plugs, and special devices to center as shown in Figure 8.

vyravnivayushchaya-trubaFigure 8

Clamps center line of the frame

Base Centerline Fixtures

Alignment of the press center line of the frame, which is determined by special precise holes (figure 9).

vyravnivanie-presa-ot-staninyFigure 9

"Singles" die and die assembly

Dummy Dies and Tooling Stack

It is used for the rapid control of the alignment die assembly relative to the container.

Standard measuring instrument

Standard Measurement Tools:

  • compasses;
  • calibers;
  • squares;
  • rulers (usually 2,5 m);
  • a set of shims.

A source: Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual, ed. Al Kennedy