Vacuum brazing of aluminum in the exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2018"


C 2 by 4 October 2018 in the Moscow Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre", in the halls 1 and 2 pavilion 7 be held

Twelfth International Specialized Exhibition
technology and equipment for heat treating

Themes of the Heat Treatment-2018 exhibition:

  • Equipment and materials from leading international and domestic manufacturers of thermal and chemical-thermal equipment, tooling, ogneuporov, insulation, measuring, diagnostic and analytical equipment
  • Modern technologies and equipment for thermal, thermomechanical, thermochemical, sizing and surface treatment of various materials.
  • Modern complex technical solutions for the implementation and construction (reconstruction) of modern heating, thermal, methodical furnaces, thermal units, in order to increase their energy efficiency: reduce gas consumption, improving the quality of preforms heating, replacement of the existing heating system and automation, and high-energy-fibrous wear resistant lining materials.

Main sections

  • Heating, electric oven
  • Thermal and chemical-thermal annealing equipment, hardening, leave
  • Induction equipment: ovens, industrial installations and heaters
  • Inverter transformers and induction heating
  • Vacuum technology and components of vacuum systems: vacuum electric furnaces, ovens and spray systems; vacuum pumps, vacuum, Vacuum valves and valve, gas flow controllers
  • Laboratory muffle furnaces and ovens
  • Fitting coating, incl. for plasma deposition of protective coatings
  • Laser processing equipment. Laser hardening and laser thermostrengthening
  • Deep cooling complexes (cryogenic treatment)
  • nitrogen station, oxygen station, hydrogen station, compressor equipment, refrigeration units
  • Cooling systems: cooling towers and chillers. cleaning technology and industrial liquids temperature regulation
  • Industrial washing machines and lines
  • Equipment for electron beam welding, and welding in argon
  • Equipment for investigation of the properties of materials, non-destructive testing: hardness testers, Equipment for sample preparation, Equipment for mechanical tests, spectrometers, pyrometers
  • Laboratory equipment: spectrometers, contact temperature measuring devices, Analyzers for the determination of impurities in a gas-solid materials
  • temperature measurement technology, humidity and vacuum: thermocouples, transducers, impedance sensors, protective fittings, liner, digital display devices, measuring stations, Simulations, calibrators, spare parts and accessories
  • Centrifugal casting corrosion, and heat-resistant special steels and alloys
  • heat resistant steel castings. Furnace equipment and technological equipment for heat treatment: recuperators, trays, lattice, basket, supports, fitting, impeller, radiant tube, retort, videos, etc. for all types of furnaces
  • Mechanisms for the transport of heated metal, vnutripechnye fans, recuperators, muffles, Other products of heat-resistant materials
  • Refractories and lining of thermal units
  • Insulation and fire protection
  • Graphite products, carbon felt and carbon-carbon composites for high temperature equipment
  • Modification of products and their densification with pitch carbon (GRL) and phenolic resins, slip protective coating, lamination surfaces
  • Multilayer fabric and space-reinforcing woven products
  • Special coatings and adhesives for high temperature industrial processes
  • Lubricants and industrial fluids
  • Design and manufacture of thermal blocks (heaters, current leads, power structures)
  • Gas and liquid fuel burner, gas supply and automation systems. The pulse burner control system
  • furnace control cabinets
  • Flexible high pressure metal hoses
  • Commissioning works, professional installation, modernization, service maintenance, repair and overhaul of furnaces and heating equipment

Vacuum furnace brazing aluminum

The most interesting from the point of view aluminum and its processing in this exhibition are vacuum furnace for soldering of aluminum, which will be presented at this exhibition.

Vacuum brazing aluminum parts minimizes warpage, because it provides more uniform heating and cooling compared to other soldering technology. In vacuum furnaces for aluminum brazing can be successfully soldered large surfaces and multiple seams. Hardening typically aluminum alloy produced in the same furnace,, which may have accelerated cooling system.

Vacuum furnace brazing aluminum provides very high repeatability soldering due to strict observance of such parameters as the degree of vacuum and temperature.

SIMUWU vacuum oven for "Heat Treatment 2018"

The exhibition "Heat Treatment-2018" will be presented one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum furnaces for various industries, including, Brazing of aluminum, as well as for scientific research - the Chinese company Gehang Vacuum Тechnology Co., Ltd (trademark SIMUWU).

Company Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd (trademark SIMUWU) is a leading manufacturer of vacuum furnaces and vacuum industrial equipment in China. This company was founded on the basis of the China National Institute of Research of vacuum and therefore has extensive technical and manufacturing capabilities in the field of vacuum technology.

Stand 8A vacuum furnaces SIMUWU

For more information, visit the exhibition "Heat 2018" stand Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. This stand 8A. This stand awaits detailed technical information about vacuum furnaces SIMUWU, and a presentation about the company Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

The vacuum furnace for brazing aluminum SIMUWU