Aluminum training: TALAT lectures

Training in Aluminium Application Technologies


  • Training in Aluminium Application Technologies (something like "Tutorial on Aluminum Processing Technologies and Applications")
  • almost exhaustive collection of teaching materials for engineers, researchers and managers on methods and technologies for aluminum processing as a solid, and liquid states, as well as its use in a variety of industries and in the manufacture of consumer goods.

These technical materials have been developed in 1990-2010 years by specialists from leading European universities and research centers (for more details, see the lectures).

Resources, Production and Ecology – raw materials, smelting and ecology

Material – Material

Processes – Technology

Designing – Design and construction

Fatigue and Fracture – Fatigue and brittle fracture

Fire Design – Design of fire protection

Design Examples – Sample design

Machining – Machining by cutting

Casting – Casting

Metal Forming – metal molding

Forging – Forging

Impact Extrusion – shock pressing

Forming of Sheet – molding sheets

Superplasticity – superplasticity

Fastening Methods – Methods for mechanical connection

Welding – Welding

Brazing and Soldering – Soldering

Adhesive Bonding – Gluing

Surface Treatment – Surface treatment

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