ASTM Standards for aluminum

ASTM: American and World Standards

American Society for Testing and Materials – The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is one of the world's largest material standards organization, various types of products and services. These standards take various forms: specifications, test methods, technological regulations, leadership, instructions and collections terms.

Today, ASTM supports about 12000 standards. The authority of the ASTM standards are so high, what 40 % All ASTM standards apply outside the United States. From 2001 the official name of the organization – ASTM International, reflecting the global nature of its activities.

ASTM standards are developed and implemented voluntarily. From a legal point of view, they become mandatory in the case of references to them in contracts for the supply of goods or the provision of services.

ASTM Standards for the aluminum industry

ASTM standards for the aluminum industry include the following types of documents:

  • Specifications - technical conditions (control and delivery of products);
  • Test Method - test method (product);
  • Practice - is usually translated as "practice", but, sometimes the names "technological regulations" or "technological instructions" can be closer in meaning;
  • Guide - guide;
  • Terminology - Terms and Definitions.

The good standards of ASTM

Unlike ASTM standards from other standards is, they are very informative, especially those, called «Practice» and «Guide».

for instance, in any other standards, except of ASTM V807, can not find guidance, reaching the state T6 aluminum profiles by quenching them in a press, right at the exit from the die, and what with the need to control the process parameters.

another standard, ASTM V918 - Standard Practice - gives a detailed description of all the thermal processing deformable aluminum alloys, that is necessary for correct heat treatment of aluminum alloys specific, for example, alloy 6061 or alloy 2014:

  • equipment (ovens, salt baths, etc.. P.);
  • preparation for thermal processing,
  • heat treatment technology (heating temperature, duration of exposure, cooling modes and so on. P.)
  • quality assurance.

The following is not a complete list of ASTM standards, which are directly connected with aluminum, aluminum alloys, aluminum products.


Products from wrought aluminum alloys

  • B209 - Sheets and plates.
  • B210 - Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe.
  • B221 - Extruded rods, rods, wire, profiles and tubes.
  • V234 - Cold Drawn seamless tubes for evaporators and heat exchangers.
  • V241 - Pressed seamless pipes.
  • B247 - Forgings.
  • B308 - Standard construction profiles of alloy 6061.
  • V313 - Circular welded pipe.
  • V316 - Rivets.
  • V345 - seamless pipes for oil and gas transmission.
  • V373 - Foil capacitors.
  • V404 - Seamless pipe evaporators and heat exchangers with integrated ribs.
  • V429 - Extruded structural tubes.
  • V479 - Annealed foil for flexible barriers and food packaging.
  • V483 - Cold Drawn general pipes.
  • V491 - Pressed round general pipes.
  • V547 - Welded round tubes.
  • B928 – Sheets of aluminum alloy with a high magnesium contents for marine shipbuilding.

aluminum castings

  • B26 - Aluminum castings, produced by casting in sand molds.
  • V85 - Aluminum castings, derived gravity die casting.
  • V108 - Aluminum castings, obtained by casting in a permanent form.
  • V179 - Aluminum alloy ingots and castings to liquid form, received all casting methods.
  • V618 - Aluminum castings, produced by investment casting.
  • V686 - High-strength aluminum castings.

aluminum conductors

  • V230 - Wire marks 1350 H19 aluminum for electrical applications.
  • B233 - Tackle brand of aluminum 1350 for electrical applications.
  • V236 - Electric Bus.
  • В317 - Electrical tires: rods, rods, pipes and structural profiles.
  • V396 - Wire of aluminum alloy 5005-H19 for electrical applications.
  • V398 - Wire of aluminum alloy 6201-T81 for electrical applications.
  • V531 - Tackle Alloy 5005 for electrical applications.
  • V609 - Round wire brand aluminum 1350, partially annealed and tempered, for electrical applications.
  • V682 - Standard metric sizes of electrical conductors.
  • B800 - Wire of aluminum alloy series 8000, partially annealed and tempered, for electrical applications.
  • V841 - heat-resistant wire of aluminum-zirconium alloy for electrical applications.

test methods

  • V136 - Resistance anodic coatings staining.
  • V244 - Measurement of thickness of anodic coatings by eddy currents.
  • V548 - Ultrasonic testing sheet of aluminum alloys for pressure vessels.
  • V565 - Test shear rivets from grades of aluminum and aluminum alloy, as well as wire and rods for cold forming.
  • V647 - Determination of hardness of aluminum alloys via Webster device.
  • B680 - Filling Quality of anodic coatings on aluminum by acid sample.
  • V769 - strength aluminum alloys shear.
  • V831 - Shear strength of thin aluminum products.

technological regulations

  • V507 - Product design for performing metal plating on hinges.
  • V594 - Ultrasonic testing wrought products made of aluminum alloy for aerospace.
  • V597 - Heat treatment of aluminum alloys.
  • V646 - Test aluminum alloy fracture toughness.
  • V660 - Packaging aluminum products.
  • V666 - Marking of aluminum products.
  • V744 - Aluminum sheet for corrugated aluminum tubes.
  • V807 - hardening aluminum alloys extrusion press.
  • В917 - Heat treatment of castings from aluminum alloys (for any casting method)
  • V918 - Heat treatment of wrought aluminum alloys.
  • D1730 - Surface preparation for painting aluminum products.


  • V253 - Preparation of aluminum alloys for metal plating.


  • В881 - Terminology for aluminum (and magnesium) products.