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Dear manufacturers, suppliers and processors of aluminum products, as well as services, связанных с алюминием и алюминиевыми изделиями!

On this site every day comes 800-900 unique visitors, more 20 thousand people per month. These are people, who are somehow interested in aluminum, its production and products from it.

On each of these pages there may be an advertisement for the products or services of your company – enterprises, которое производит алюминиевую продукцию:

  • первичный алюминий;
  • вторичный алюминий;
  • сбор и переработку алюминиевого лома;
  • production of aluminum profiles, прутков и труб;
  • производство литейной алюминиевой продукции;
  • анодирование алюминиевых профилей;
  • equipment for the aluminum industry and related industries

and much more, what is associated with aluminum and its alloys.

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Please take into account, that this site is based on many years of experience working with metals and, in particular, with aluminum, as well as the study of extensive specialized technical literature, including, in English.