Selection aluminum alloy profiles

The most important properties of the aluminum alloy, determining its technology and application prospects, are:

  • compressibility (pressure and pressing speed),
  • quench sensitivity and
  • its strength characteristics.

Technological and mechanical properties of the most popular 6xxx series aluminum alloys are presented in Tables.

texnologicheskie parameters pressovanija aljuminievyx Splavov

prochnostnye-svojstva-aljuminievyx-splavovWhen choosing an aluminum alloy is necessary to consider the conditions for its end use. If the end user specifies any special properties, then the manufacturer of extruded aluminum profiles ("extrusion") can offer the most suitable alloy, as well as to optimize the process parameters, that would provide for them.

Aluminium alloy 6060 – Aluminum alloy AD31

The alloy with the highest compressibility (ease of pressing) and the lowest sensitivity to hardening is the "European" aluminum alloy 6060 due to the very low concentration of alloying elements. Behind him is his "American" analogue – Aluminium alloy 6063. This is almost one to one onw Aluminum alloy AD31.

Although the strength properties of these alloys are very mild compared with such alloys, as 6061 (AD33) i 6082 (AD35), they are quite adequate for building envelopes (aluminum windows and doors, aluminum translucent facades). Alloy 6063, somewhat more durable due to the increased content of magnesium, than an alloy 6060, apply also in the not too loaded bearing building constructions.

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Aluminum Alloy 6005A

The next level gives strength Aluminum Alloy 6005A family of alloys 6005. Unlike the base alloy 6005 it is given by the interval 0,12 to 0,50 % the total concentration of chromium and manganese, which increases the viscous properties. This aluminum alloy has a good combination of sufficiently good compactibility, not too big quench sensitivity and high mechanical properties.

this alloy pressing speed twice below, than that of the "soft" alloy 6060 and only slightly lower, more than "hard" Alloy 6063, a minimum strength in a state of T5 is the same, as in the alloy 6061 able to T6. The minimum quenching rate, in turn, two times lower, than sredneprochnyh alloys 6061 and 6082, which means, that for quenching in a press profiles 6005A alloy are often only sufficient air-cooling, instead of the water-air or water-cooling, which are usually needed for hardening alloys 6061 and 6082.

Aluminium alloy 6061 – Aluminum alloy AD33

Aluminium alloy 6061, Next on the popularity of the 6xxx series alloys after Alloys 6060/6063. Alloy 6061 It has sufficiently high strength properties, but it is much worse pressed, in comparison with the alloy 6005 and even more durable alloy 6082.

Aluminium alloy 6082

Aluminium alloy 6082 It has the highest strength properties of all the alloys and 6xxx series, in the same time, It exhibits good compressibility, at least, in comparison with the alloy 6061.