ALUMINIUM 2000 and Benchmark 2017

From 20 by 24 of June in Verona, Italy held the 10th International Congress on the extrusion of aluminum profiles and processing ALUMINIUM surfaces 2000 and the 6th ICEB Comparison of Aluminum Extrusion Computer Simulation Methods (Benchmark). These events are together every 2 year and collect technical specialists aluminum producers from around the world. We were on the first. In the same exhibition complex, almost simultaneously (with 21 by 24 June) the Metef exhibition was held, dedicated to aluminum and its processing.

The scientific and technical part of the Congress and the Conference took place in parallel in four well-equipped conference rooms. Every day, reports and presentations are regularly interrupted by coffee breaks and lunch plentiful, during which there were useful contacts, fruitful discussions and exchange of opinions.

Impressions from both events are the most positive! Interesting reports on a variety of topics: improving the quality of profiles, production optimization, extrusion automation, methods to reduce costs and the working time correction matrices, anodizing, powder Coating, and casting, environmental aspects of the production, methods of reducing the amount of waste, Recycling scrap etc.. A complete list of reports can be viewed here.

Very useful were the reports of anodizing, and especially - a special master class on anodizing (Third level!) from, apparently, the main world expert in this field Dr. Judy Runge (CompCote International, Inc.).

See. more details: Higher master class aluminum anodization

Russia was represented at the Congress of experts production company Rusal, Tatprof, Grew and realities, and consulting company extruder Consulting.

First of all I want to note the high level of organization of the conference. Almost all the reports fit into the allotted time and remained time, to ask questions. Since most of the reports was of a technical nature, and most of the exhibitors were technologists of various enterprises, many questions have evolved in a lively discussion of experts – already outside the hall.

By natural Italian hospitality, the organizer of the Congress is Interall ( took care of a rich cultural program. For the participants of the congress were to organize a concert of baroque music in Verona's oldest church Chiesa di San Procolo and chamber jazz concert in one of the central hotels. A gala dinner for gourmet suburban villa known winemakers Mosconi Bertrani was a great opportunity to communicate in informal atmosphere, as well as a perfect introduction to the wines of the region! The final stage of the cultural program was a trip to Venice and a tour of the monastery on the island of St.. George.

separate cultural program was organized for the spouses and family members. While the participants studied the technology innovations, their families can enjoy excursions to the surrounding Italian towns.

The most interesting for us themes were anodized aluminum, Optimization of the extrusion process, and issues aluminum surface treatment – These themes are particularly relevant for Russian companies, Ukraine and CIS – market requirements are becoming more and more stringent!

A relatively new topic was computer simulation of the extrusion process for us, rather, the enormous progress, which is achieved in this area over recent years,. At the congress included presentations of several companies engaged in the development and implementation of software for the analysis of complex processes, occurring during the aluminum extrusion billet from loading into the container to exit from the press profile. Compared the results of different modeling methods and programs with experimental results extrusion was discussed in a separate session.

For more information about benchmark-2017 at the Congress ALUMINUM 2000

We've also added some great new books to our aluminum tech library! The most important of them, certainly, is the book The Technology of Anodizing Aluminum by the famous American authority in the field of anodizing of aluminum Arthur William Brace (Arthur William Brace). It is the main edition of the anodized aluminum with 1968 years and gone through several editions, each time being supplemented with a better understanding of the processes and methods to improve the quality of anodic oxide coatings.

Traditionally one of the most extensive the Congress – This anodised aluminum, technology and equipment for quality process. Very interesting were the reports on ways to reduce chemicals costs, necessary for anodizing and coloring. With the help of modern equipment and technologies, you can significantly reduce the cost of materials: as well as the processing of hazardous production waste.

An eventful week in the beautiful Italian city of Verona flew by very quickly! It remains only to wait for the next ALUMINUM Congress 2000 and next Conference benchmark aluminum extrusion, which will take place in any other Italian city 2019 year.