Report on the World's Fair ALUMINUM 2018 in Düsseldorf

9-11 October 2018 in Düsseldorf

Last week, from 9 by 11 October, Exhibition Center in Düsseldorf once, 12-and, time has become a global marketplace of the global aluminum industry. The team of our website is the second time working on this show as visitor, but this time – also as a media partner.

exhibition ALUMINUM 2018 occupied facilities with 9 by 14 Exhibition Center in Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Messe). These rooms can be easily accessed via the two main entrances - North and East. The Exhibition halls were divided into specialized exhibition segments:

  • Hall 9: Metalworking, welding or other connection methods, automation
  • Hall 10: Casting and heat treatment, furnace technology, digital manufacturing
  • Hall 11: Primary aluminum production and recycling of aluminum scrap
  • Hall 12: Surface treatment, semi-finished goods
  • Hall 13: Semi-finished products (rolling)
  • Hall 14: Semi-finished products (extrusion)


Near 1000 exhibitors – companies and organizations from around the world – They presented their achievements and developments in the exhibition area of ​​more than 80000 square meters.

Global players, specialized enterprises and young innovative companies have shown throughout the volume of the entire production cycle of aluminum - from primary aluminum production to machines and plants for the production of semi-finished and finished products, as well as the processing of aluminum scrap.

In addition to key technologies and manufactures aluminum industry exhibition presented technologies and products that major industrial sectors, that used aluminum:

  • automobile production
  • engineering
  • construction
  • aerospace industry
  • electronics
  • packaging and
  • railway transport.

Thematic pavilions

The exhibition themed pavilions worked, which served to visitors reference points to work effectively in the vast, but structured showrooms. These themed pavilions included:

  • Technology Center for surface treatment
  • foundry pavilion
  • Primary aluminum Pavilion
  • Pavilion welding methods and joining materials
  • Pavilion aluminum processing wastes
  • magnesium pavilion

On the new dedicated site "Digital manufacturing" Visitors can learn, what concept Industry 4.0 means for the aluminum industry and production which benefits can be obtained now by the use of IT-technologies.

Another new exhibit space was devoted to the technical development of the Environment, including, Water treatment systems, air filtration system and a vacuum system trap the oil mist. This site has convincingly shown, as the aluminum industry is fighting for energy and resource saving, as well as to protect the environment in all parts of its process chain.

The innovative platform has introduced new products from various industry sectors, such as automotive, engineering, aerokosmicheskaya industry, construction and additive technology.


exhibition ALUMINUM 2018 It was a much more, than simply the world's most important commercial center of the aluminum industry. Primarily, This - the main center of information and expertise for the aluminum industry. It is here that brought together leading academic and industry experts, to participate in a parallel conference to discuss the principles of, trends and innovations in the aluminum industry.

This scientific and technical conference was organized as always by the German Aluminum Industry Association (GDA). The conference was focused on the development of advanced materials. It consisted of five sessions and 40 reports, which focused on the processing technology of aluminum in the aluminum industry and related sectors, which use aluminum. All reports to the Conference at the same time broadcast in English and German. Unfortunately, to participate in this conference and gain access to its content had to pay quite a tidy sum.

technical Forum

Exhibitors - Exhibitors - had the opportunity to speak on a special podium in the Forum, to give details of their designs, and visitors - to ask their questions and receive answers. Access to this Forum was free.

Thematic tours

As part of the Aluminum Trade 2018 thematic excursions, which gave an opportunity to get an in-depth and complete understanding of the various topics, that interested experts. Such tours are offered for a small group of experts with the participation of experts of exhibitors, who specialize in this area. These companies gave short presentations on their innovations, products and services, and answer questions. The Exhibition offered thematic exhibitions on the following topics:

  • Automobile production
  • Digital technology in mechanical engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Surface treatment
  • Recycling aluminum waste


In the halls shows ALUMINUM 2018 They presented their stands 971 company-exhibitor. Were introduced 54 countries, including [1]:

  • Germany (307 companies)
  • Italy (118)
  • China (103),
  • Turkey (64),
  • Austria (32)
  • Spain (32),
  • United States (29),
  • Netherlands (25),
  • France (23),
  • United Kingdom (23),
  • Canada (19).

Trade show report 24148 visitors from 123 countries of the world.

Russia on aluminum 2018

11 Russian companies and organizations

Russia officially represented the following companies and organizations, which had their own stands and pavilions [2]:

  • Holding AL5 (Voronezh region)
  • ALUNEXT (Belaya Kalitva)
  • BK-ALUPROF (Belaya Kalitva)
  • Stupino Metallurgical Company (Stupino)
  • Dioton (Ontecom Group) (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Ekoraf (Moscow)
  • KUMZ (Kamensk-Uralsk)
  • KRAMZ (Krasnoyarsk)
  • APRAL (Moscow)
  • LLC "MAGIDI" (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • UNIMET (Krasnoyarsk)


RUSAL was represented by the Swiss company RUSAL Marketing GmbH Metalli Center Zug [2].


Another ALUMINUM Exhibition 2020 will be held in the same place in Dusseldorf from 6 by 8 October 2020 of the year.



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