Important sources of information

1. Pradip K. Saha, Aluminium Extrusion Technology, ASM International, 2000.

Just a great book. Как раз в духе нашего сайта: научно и технически, а мы делаем еще и популярным! Very clear and understandable summary, many drawings, schemes, tabulation, pictures. Best book for exploring the aluminum pressing for beginners, and for the theoretical understanding and systematization of the knowledge – experienced practitioners. a translation – look. here. 

2. J.R. Davis, Ed., Alumnum and Aluminum Alloys, ASM International, 1993.

Major work everything, due to aluminum and aluminum alloys. More 700 large pages in small print with the weight tables, drawings, schemes. Of course the same, on English language.

3. Extrusion, Ed. M.Bauser, G.Suaer and K.Siegert, ASM International, 2006.  

Over the major work on the pressing of metallic materials, которые в принципе могут прессоваться: олова, lead, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, copper, titanium, steels, as well as such exotic, as beryllium, uranium, molybdenum and tantalum. percent, may be, 15 dedicated to aluminum and aluminum alloys - really interesting and important information. One problem - the information necessary to "pick out" of a large number “extraneous” information. Generally speaking, it is difficult to imagine a specialist, who would be interested in pressing at the same time all of these metallic materials. There is a Russian translation, true, not quite adequate, с немецкого издания (см. here).

4. J.R. Davis, Ed., Corrosion of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, ASM International, 2000.

Great American book in a series of corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

5. AP. Gulyaev, metal science, 1986. The classic textbook on metal science, including, for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Very useful for the correct terminology in translations from English.

6. – AND69 – AND16

The International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminars (1969-2016). Сотни статей на различные темы по технологии прессования алюминия: литью слитков, pressing, heat treatment, Pressing tools, process equipment and much more. Every four years - two bulky volumes. It is believed, что изучения материалов этих семинаров (что, I will tell, не просто :)) достаточно для эффективной работы в области производства алюминиевых профилей.

7. Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual

It contains valuable information on the maintenance of extrusion presses for aluminum and aluminum alloy – Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual. Its free version is available at the website This manual 400 odd pages with more than three hundred illustrations. It is useful for plant engineers and managers, special, as they have written, in those cases, when experienced staff servicing the press retired, а первоначальные инструкции по эксплуатации утеряны (или их никогда и не было). This guide can be useful for training new employees, for the drafting of ISO 9001, as well as general information for senior managers of companies for the production of aluminum profiles. Эта книга создана известным американским специалистом по прессованию алюминия Элом Кеннеди (Al Kennedy, на основе его более чем 30-ти летнего опыта и последних публикаций в этой области. He cites numerous references to the materials used - we will, if necessary, refer only to himself.