Addressing site visitors

Уважаемые посетители нашего сайта!

Almost 8 for years, we have been posting scientific and technical information on almost all issues of the aluminum industry on our website for free. According to the feedback from our subscribers during this time, our site really became an ALUMINUM PORTAL.

Any professional understands, what for, to prepare high-quality and practically useful technical content, you need to have the proper qualifications and work hard. Usually, each article on our site is devoted to one narrow topic., which we strive to maximize.

We are currently feeling, that the theoretical knowledge we have mastered and the accumulated practical experience allow us to move on to the next stage of development of our website. In the near future, along with regular articles, we will develop more voluminous texts., which will be in instruction format, recommendations or analytical reviews. We will make them like this, so that they are most useful in practical work in various industries of the aluminum industry.

These kinds of documents require special efforts to develop them.. Therefore, we are introducing the PAYED CONTENT section on the site. It won't be too expensive, but it will be an additional motivation for us, the developers of these texts, to be professional, reasonable and practically useful.

These will be documents, which we will develop based on authoritative and professional foreign sources, as well as based on our own work experience and taking into account the specifics of domestic production.

These documents will include, including:

  • Recommendations for quality control of various aluminum products
  • Work instructions for specific jobs
  • Reviews and analyzes of foreign standards on various issues of the aluminum industry
  • Reviews of the latest innovative projects in the aluminum industry.

These instructions, recommendations or reports will be formatted as PDF-files, to which you will immediately and automatically get access after the appropriate payment. Some documents can be downloaded for free.

We are waiting for your wishes on topics for such publications by mail We will definitely consider them and take them into account in our work..