European standards for aluminum

The range of aluminum products, its properties and its quality requirements are constantly expanding. Manufacturers of aluminum products want to be sure, they produce and deliver exactly the products, that customers want, and which meets their.

It has been over ten years, since the European Union have been introduced European standards for aluminum products, which replaced the largely outdated national standards, including well-known standard DIN and BS. In these European standards have been taken into account as much as possible the increased capabilities of the aluminum industry and also increased market demand of aluminum products.

The list of European standards for aluminum products consists of more 120 items! One can doubt whether this very “European approach” – the introduction of common European standards – actually brought simplification and convenience to the standardization of products of the European aluminum industry.. Nonetheless, reputedly, this is true. European standards for aluminum products have a high degree of transparency and make it perfectly clear in the relationship between the manufacturer and the customer.

Each contract – reference to standards

often, that the customers of aluminum products are small companies, who are not familiar with the "aluminum" standards. They just fit in their orders the, what they want without any references to European standards. In this case, the supplier must include references to standards in the contract or in the written order confirmation. It gives both sides the necessary basis for negotiations in the case of, if the customer is not satisfied with the delivered product.

aluminum terminology

The cause of complaints and complaints with significant financial consequences are often confusion and misunderstandings, special, if the correspondence used for the supply of non-native language for the customer. Therefore, it is important to apply the common terminology as defined, which are given in European standards.

Market many aluminum products and semi-finished products is global and includes a global means of communication between stakeholders, for example, supplier and customer. they often speak different native languages, but in this case most of the time used for their "foreign" correspondence English.

The aluminum industry uses many technical terms, that can not be found in dictionaries. Some of them are collected in European or North American standards. However, often they are used for different things, that not infrequently leads to misunderstandings and errors. Therefore, even the most experienced translator will be at a loss when trying to adequately translate materials "Aluminum" contract, especially the technical requirements for the specific aluminum products.

This problem is partially solves the document, which gives all the terms and definitions, trade-related aluminum products. Это – GAG Guidance Document 001 “Terms and Definition”, abbreviated - GAG 001. He is the source of terms and definitions, which are used or will be used in Aluminum Standards.

The use of identical terms and definitions in the standards of different countries and even continents, It allows for more precise application of these standards at the order and delivery of aluminum products with a minimum of confusion.

The terms in this document are grouped by different product areas:

  • production,
  • sampling and testing,
  • characteristics of products and
  • various types of non-compliance of quality requirements, i.e, simply put, marriage.

All of these terms are included in one document, and Internet search engines can easily find it in each term separately.