Our site: the most interesting in 2016 year

Summing up 2016 of the year, we have prepared a summary of the most interesting articles aluminium-guide.com site - UNDERSTANDING OF ALUMINUM, published this year.

Aluminum in construction

Aluminum window: heat transfer
What affects the thermal efficiency of an aluminum window.

Aluminum substructure of a ventilated facade
Features of the use of aluminum profiles in suspended ventilated facades.

Строительные алюминиевые сплавы (Еврокод 9)
Continuation of the big topic on clarifying the European rules for the use of aluminum in construction

aluminum bridges
How and why aluminum bridges are built in the world

aluminum wiring
Why aluminum wiring fell out of favor in construction and how are aluminum wires used in modern world practice.

Aluminum fasteners

Aluminum fasteners: bolts, nuts and washers

Aluminum rivets

aluminum corrosion

The main types of aluminum corrosion
Какой коррозии боится алюминий?

When and how to protect aluminum from corrosion
Methods for protecting aluminum from corrosion

Aluminum in transport

Aluminum in the car: rolled alloys
Aluminum in the car: extrusion alloys
Extrusion of aluminum alloys in the automotive industry
How aluminum alloys for rolling and extrusion are "designed"

Aluminum boats
About duralumin and other aluminum boats

Aluminum metallurgy

Strengthening of aluminum: 3 mechanism

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles: size and shape limitations
Как создают алюминиевые профили: сплавы, geometry and technology
What profiles can be pressed, and which ones are not

Curved aluminum profiles
Особенности гнутых алюминиевых профилей: сплавы, dimensions, tolerances

Aluminum extrusion: staff training
Extrusion press hydraulic system: problems and solutions

aluminum casting

Gating systems for aluminum casting
Sand casting
Sand mold
About the technology of casting aluminum castings

Machining of aluminum

Machining of aluminum
Cutting tools for aluminum
Нюансы механической обработки алюминия резанием: инструмент, modes, technology

Aluminum painting and anodizing

Aluminum electrolytic color anodising
Color aluminum anodizing
Some "tricks" of color anodizing aluminum

Aluminum surface treatment for painting
The technology of preparation for painting aluminum sections
All stages of chemical preparation of the surface of aluminum profiles for powder coating.

Aluminum standards

On states of aluminum profiles to visit and SNiPY
Confusion in domestic standards negatively affects both product quality, and on the customer-supplier relationship.

Aluminum abroad

ASTM Standards for aluminum
Lots of useful information about aluminum

The aluminum industry in Europe
Overview of the main sectors of production and use of aluminum in Europe

Events of the aluminum industry in 2016 year

The first year of the Russian Aluminum Association

ALUMINUM Exhibition 2016 in Düsseldorf

ALUMINUM CHINA Exhibition in Shanghai

Metal-Expo Exhibition 2016 in Moscow

METAL ALUMINUM Exhibition & NonFerMet in Kehlце (Польша)

ASI meeting


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