International Congress «Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals - 2017" in Krasnoyarsk

C 11 by 15 September 2017 of the year in Krasnoyarsk IX International Congress and Exhibition "Non-ferrous metals and minerals - 2017", as well as XXIII Conference "Aluminum of Siberia".

Platform for presentation-announcements

В этом году Конгресс станет площадкой для проведения презентаций-анонсов по следующим проектам:

  • ОК РУСАЛ: Пуск электролизеров РА-550. First results
  • Совместная научная деятельность МИСиС и ОК РУСАЛ: Институт легких материалов и технологий
  • Project "Aluminum Valley"

Installation lectures

11 and 12 September, opening lectures will be held by prominent scientists from all over the world on aluminum metallurgy and casting of aluminum and its alloys .

Aluminum metallurgy

  • Service life of aluminum electrolyzer
    Richard Jeltsch, Jeltsch Consulting, USA)
  • Аноды: влияние качества сырья и процессов анодного производства на их работу в ваннах
    Markus Meier, R&D Carbon Ltd., Switzerland
  • Aluminum electrolyzer life
    P.V. Polyakov, Siberian Federal University
  • Energy balance of an aluminum electrolyzer and ways to reduce specific energy consumption
    Halvor Kvande, Norwegian University of science and technology, Norway
  • Development of China's Aluminum Industry
    Zhaowen Wang, Northeastern University, China
  • Determination of KPIs to Achieve Optimal Environmentally Friendly Operation of Modern High Power Cells
    Barry Welch, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Casting of aluminum and its alloys

  • Theory and practice of modifying flat and cylindrical ingots from wrought aluminum alloys
    D. Eskin, Brunel University, United Kingdom
  • Silumin – promising industrial alloys based on aluminum
    K.V. Nikitin, Samara State Technical University
  • Defects when casting ingots into a mold and their elimination
    Samuel Wagstaff, Novelis, Switzerland
  • Effective technologies and equipment for degassing and purification of aluminum melts
    STAS Inc., Canada

Round tables, seminars and symposia

As always, round tables and seminars of leading companies in the industry will be held.

Within the framework of the section "Alumina production"

  • symposium of professor V.M.. Sizyakova "Complex processing of aluminum raw materials",

and within the section "Production of aluminum" –

  • symposium "Evolution of Russian aluminum electrolysis technology".

The best reports will be published free of charge in the international scientific journal Open Engineering published by De Gruyter. This is a peer-reviewed journal, which is indexed in the Scopus database and the Web of Science search platform.

This year the collection of reports of the Congress will be published for the first time in the RSCI.

Красноярск ждет Вас среди участников и докладчиков Конгресса! Надо спешить, because the last day of submission of applications for participation is coming soon - 10 June 2017 of the year.

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