Metal-Expo'2015: final press release

Выставка «Металл-Экспо’2015» показала: российская промышленность не остановилась, but continues to develop successfully

10-13 November 2015 g. the 21st International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo'2015" was held in Moscow, attended by 570 companies from 34 countries of the world. In four days, about 27 thousand. man. As noted by many participants and visitors, the exhibition "Metal-Expo'2015" had a working character. These days, metal consumers and traders had an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with top managers and specialists of leading metallurgical and machine-building companies the directions of cooperation development and the organization of supplies of raw materials and rolled metals. Almost all exhibitors highly appreciated the effectiveness of their participation in the forum in terms of communication with clients and the conclusion of new contracts.

Среди участников выставки были представлены:

  • leading metallurgical companies,
  • pipe and hardware factories,
  • non-ferrous metal processing enterprises,
  • manufacturers of rolled aluminum and alloys,
  • transport and logistics companies,
  • metal traders,
  • engineering firms and
  • developers of IT solutions for metallurgy and mechanical engineering,
  • manufacturers of modern equipment for machine building and steel plants, as well as service metal centers.

В рамках форума также были проведены:

  • exhibition of metal products and metal structures for the construction industry "MetalStroyForum'2015",
  • demonstration of equipment and technologies for metallurgy and metalworking "MetallurgMash'2015" and
  • exposition of transport and logistics services for the enterprises of MMC "MetallTransLogistic'2015".

Масштабные экспозиции представили:

  • MMC,
  • TMK,
  • Severstal,
  • EVRAZ,
  • Mechel,
  • ОМК,
  • NLMK,
  • ЧТПЗ,
  • OMZ-Spetsstal,
  • MZ "Elektrostal",
  • Lysva Metallurgical Company,
  • UMMC-Steel,
  • Ashinskiy metallurgical plant,
  • VMK "Red October",
  • Severstal-metiz,
  • Uraltrubprom,
  • Insulation Pipe Plant,
  • Royal pipe plant,
  • Motovilikha Plants,
  • NTZ "TEM-PO",
  • Ruspolimet,
  • Sibpromkomplekt and
  • other manufacturers and suppliers of ferrous metals, pipes and metal products.

Активно принимали участие в работе выставки и предприятия цветной металлургии:

  • Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Plant,
  • Stupino metallurgical company,
  • Chelyabinsk zinc plant,
  • non-ferrous metal processing enterprises, managed by UGMK-OCM,
  • AZOCM.

Широко были представлены ведущие поставщики металлопродукции:

  • EVRAZ Metal Inprom,
  • A GROUP,
  • Metallinvest,
  • Continental,
  • Globus-Steel,
  • Leader-M,
  • Leakage, UTK-Steel

In addition to Russian companies, at the "Metal-Expo'2015" there were over 200 foreign participants from 33 countries. Больше всего среди них было представлено компаний из Китая (51), Германии (32), Италии (30), Украины (14). Many leading companies from near and far abroad took part in the exhibition, presented on the Russian market. Among them are rental manufacturers - ArcelorMittal, SSAB, Metinvest, Belarusian metallurgical plant, Ansteel, Dneprospetsstal, Aktobe rail and structural steel plant, etc., equipment and material suppliers - SMS group, Danieli, GMH-Holding, Wisdri, Terex, Liebherr, RHI, Hempel and many others.

The current exhibition took place at a difficult time for the Russian industry. Nonetheless, a large number of new contracts were signed on it. As noted by a representative of one European engineering company, when else to buy equipment, как не во время кризиса? Немало сделок заключили на «Металл-Экспо’2015» и отечественные металлурги.

So, Severstal and ChTPZ Group have prolonged the strategic cooperation agreement until 2020 g. The document was signed by the CEO of the Severstal Russian Steel Division.. Toropov and General Director of ChTPZ A. Grubman. The agreement is aimed at timely provision of fuel and energy companies with high-quality pipes made from Severstal metal products at ChTPZ.

Лысьвенская металлургическая компания заключила соглашения с БестЛайнс (Башкортостан) и ПК Металлург (Самара) на поставку более 4,5 thousand. t sheet with SteelArt decorative polymer coating. NLMK signs a contract with the Royal Pipe Plant.

Kraft Group, taking part in the exhibition for the first time, in three days signed supply contracts 2,5 thousand. tons of rolled metal. And there are many more such examples..

A number of companies presented their investment projects at the Metal-Expo'2015 exhibition. Во время торжественного приема по случаю открытия выставки были подведены итоги конкурса «Главное событие 2015 года в металлургии России», призванного поддержать и максимально популяризировать инновационные проекты в отрасли. Звание лауреатов по решению оргкомитета выставки получили:

  • Этерно, совместное предприятие ЧТПЗ и Роснано;
  • Загорский Трубный Завод;
  • Kama metallurgical mini-plant TEM-PO.

Commissioning of all three projects is planned before the end of this year. Each of them reflects one of the strategic directions of the industry development. So, завод Этерно (Челябинск), a joint project of ChTPZ and Rusnano, is an enterprise for the production of pipe fittings using nanostructured materials.

Zagorsk Pipe Plant, which will release annually up to 500 thousand. tons of pipes with a diameter 530-1420 mm made of steel with strength class up to X100, equipped with the most modern high-tech lines of foreign production, а также имеет современную инфраструктуру, созданную с нуля. Причем от начала строительных работ до получения первой трубы прошло всего 16 months.

Kamsky mini-plant is located at the site of the production association Tatelektromash, which successfully operates the Naberezhnye Chelny Pipe Plant TEM-PO, metalwork plant, slitting and polymer coating lines.

Commissioning of new capacities continues in the Russian metallurgical industry. At Metal-Expo'2015, General Director of Severstal Russian Steel Division C. Toropov announced a new investment project - the construction of a second ladle furnace at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant.

Metallurgical enterprises were presented among the exhibitors, commissioned in 2014-2015 гг.: СтавСталь и казахстанский Актюбинский рельсобалочный завод.

The exhibition "Metal-Expo'2015" was preceded by the 18th International Conference "Russian Metal Market", which opened the business program of the autumn Metals Week in Moscow. She collected more 180 participants - representatives of sectoral ministries and departments, leading metallurgical companies of the country, companies from related industries, sales network managers, experts and analysts. They discussed the main trends in the Russian and global steel market, summed up the preliminary results of the current year and presented their vision of the prospects for 2016 g. Upon completion of the conference, the winners of the annual contests "The Best Metal Depot in Russia'2015" were awarded, "The best SMC in Russia'2015" and "The best sales network in Russia'2015".

In total, within the framework of Metal-Expo'2015, more than 40 conferences, seminars and round tables, dedicated to various sectors of the Russian metal products market, scientific and technological development, materials science. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia held a meeting of the Coordination Council for the development of the metallurgical complex, attended by the heads of metallurgical companies, industry associations and institutions. On him, in particular, decided to hold such meetings twice a year - at Metal-Expo and at the new International Specialized Exhibition MetalloKonstruktsii, where, along with factories producing metal structures, manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment and technologies for the production of metal structures and metal products will be widely represented. The exhibition will take place in Moscow on June 6-9 2016 g.

12 November, the Association for the Development of Steel Construction, together with the Directorate of Metal-Expo, held a round table for manufacturers of metal structures, which was attended by about 20 industry leaders. The participants of the event discussed the current situation in the Russian market of metal structures, as well as preparation for the future exhibition "MetalloKonstruktsii'2016" and supported the holding of an all-Russian competition for the best implemented project using steel and aluminum in construction.

During the work of the 21st International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo'2015", a meeting of the working group under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation was held on the implementation of the Intersectoral work program to develop new types and improve the quality of metal products for the automotive industry. The meeting discussed the possibilities and problems of import substitution of auto sheet for hot stamping and products from special steels for the manufacture of various auto components.

A meeting of sandwich panel manufacturers was held as part of the Metal-Expo'2015 business program, organized by the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers. Participation in it took order 40 representatives of companies - manufacturers of these products. Также был проведен круглый стол «Качество металла или прибыль? Реалии кровельного рынка». Организаторами выступили Национальный кровельный союз, Российский союз поставщиков металлопродукции и компания Metal Master при информационной поддержке журнала «Металлоснабжение и сбыт». Участие в круглом столе приняли представители производителей проката с полимерным покрытием Северсталь, NLMK, Торговый дом ММК, Руукки, Lysva Metallurgical Company, as well as metal tile manufacturers and roofing companies.

At a meeting of manufacturers and suppliers of copper, brass and bronze rolled products gathered order 30 руководителей и специалистов из различных компаний. Как отметили его участники, в России сейчас фактически нет общественного объединения производителей и поставщиков данной продукции, которое могло бы осуществлять обмен информацией о ситуации на рынке и представлять интересы своих членов в различных органах государственной власти. Therefore, it was decided in the near future to exchange proposals on the possibility of organizing such an association., about the directions of his activities and then meet again.

Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers held a meeting of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of aluminum, rolled products and profiles based on it, attended by over 80 руководителей и специалистов компаний: Алюминиевые продукты, KUMZ, KraMZ, Aluminum Metallurg Rus, Alunext, VMK Invest, MAK, Alutech, Alpha Metal, Bridge-1 and others. RSPM has been implementing a program to stimulate the consumption of aluminum in Russia for several years, aimed at increasing the use of "winged metal" in construction, transport, automotive industry, production of household appliances, packaging and in other areas of the economy and industry. The meeting participants concluded, что данная программа должна быть продолжена с вовлечением в ее реализацию более широкого круга производителей и потребителей алюминия, alloys, проката и профилей.

Much attention was paid at the exhibition to the scientific and technical development of the industry. So, the 14th Scientific and Technical Conference "New Advanced Materials, equipment and technologies for their production ". Laureates were awarded for high-tech equipment developments, technologies and products of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, and also summed up the results of the competition for "The best scientific publication for the metallurgical industry". According to the results of the competition, gold and silver medals, as well as diplomas of laureates for high-tech developments were awarded 49 participants. Among them are representatives of the leading metallurgical companies in Russia, research institutes, machine-building enterprises.

In order to identify and support talented youth, the Metal-Expo organizing committee held the Young Scientists'2015 competition for the sixth time. The largest domestic scientists - representatives of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and metalworking industry said warm words to the students and wished them successful scientific and industrial activities. For consideration of the tender committee was submitted 59 works, the most interesting of which were awarded the title of laureates, as well as cash bonuses, for which the organizing committee of "Metal-Expo" allocated 750 thousand. rub. to support the future of domestic metallurgical science.

Within the framework of the Metal-Expo'2015 exhibition, a round table of marketing services of metallurgical and metal trading companies "Modern communications for the promotion of metal products" and a conference "Corporate communications in the metallurgical industry of Russia and the CIS countries", на которой были подведены итоги конкурса на лучшее корпоративное издание в металлургической отрасли.

Большинство компаний, представленных на выставке, highly appreciated the effectiveness of their participation in the forum of metallurgists and machine builders and expressed a desire to participate in the 22nd exhibition "Metal-Expo'2016". According to the participants, выставка «Металл-Экспо’2015» — это наилучшая площадка для непосредственного контакта и более глубокого общения с потребителями. Здесь можно обсудить все вопросы, find out the needs of customers, promptly solve the arisen problems and summarize the communication with a mutually beneficial contract.

Text provided by the organizing committee "Metal-Expo'2015"