Metal Expo 2016 in Moscow: in a week

Metals week in Moscow

Exactly one week later, 7 November, the traditional WEEK OF METALS IN MOSCOW will begin in Moscow, within which will pass from above 40 conferences, seminars and round tables on all segments of the metallurgical business. The preparation of events is now being completed. About 3 thousand. specialists.

The business program "METAL-EXPO'2016" will be opened by the 19th International Conference "RUSSIAN MARKET OF METALS", during which the preliminary results of the current year will be summed up.

A 8 November 22nd International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo'2016" will open its doors at VDNKh, participation in which will 530 companies from 32 countries of the world.

19-I International conference "RUSSIAN MARKET OF METALS"

international Conference "Russian metal market" Is an annual forum and meeting place for leading players in the market of raw materials for metallurgy, ferrous metals, hardware and steel pipes of Russia, as well as companies, presented on the markets of the CIS and far abroad.

This conference opens the business program of the largest industry exhibition in Russia and the CIS - Metal Expo.

At the event, participants will hear comments and assessments of the current situation from market leaders, forecasts and analysis from leading experts, will get acquainted with the preliminary results of the development of all segments of metallurgy and markets for final products and will be able to exchange views with colleagues, partners and competitors.

Conference "Russian Metal Market-2016" will be held 7 November at the hotel "Azimut Moscow Olympic" (Moscow, Olympic Ave, d. 18/1).

In the conference program – assessments and forecasts of the state of the market from its leading players – sales managers:

  • Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works,
  • NLMK Group,
  • Severstal,
  • EVRAZ,
  • Pipe Metallurgical Company,
  • top managers of state and public organizations: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation,
    NP “Russian Steel”,
    Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation,
    Steel Construction Development Association,
    Association “Prommetiz”),
  • general directors:
    Severstal Distribution,
    A GROUP,
    Metinvest Eurasia) and others.

Analysis of metal export markets

A special session of Thomson Reuters will be devoted to the analysis of export metal markets, as well as the price environment. As part of this session, a round table will be held on the following issues:

  • The situation on the international steel products market in 2016 g. Prospects for further development of various regions;
  • Russian steel. Supply and demand trends;
  • The ratio of export shipments and supplies to the domestic market. Export growth prospects;
  • Potential directions of export from the Russian Federation. Challenges and opportunities.

Expected, that the conference will be attended by more 150 representatives of line ministries and departments, largest producers of steel and steel products in Russia and other CIS countries, top managers of the largest distribution networks, heads of companies in the metal-consuming industries, research institutes, analytical agencies, banking and financial institutions, related industries. The list of participants is constantly growing, and keep track of its updates, and also register, can be on conference website


Without a doubt, next week Moscow will become a center of attraction for metallurgists and consumers of metal products from all industries and construction. Expected, that the expositions at Metal-Expo'2016 will be visited by over 30 thousand. man. Business meetings and negotiations between metal market participants and their clients will take place at Metal-Expo'2016 for four days, during which all stakeholders of business communications will be able to resolve their issues, conclude cooperation agreements, sign promising contracts.

For every specialist in the metallurgical industry

Round tables will be held within the framework of the Metal-Expo'2016 exhibition, conferences, seminars and meetings, where all issues will be considered, which are related to the development, production, marketing management and other areas of the metallurgical industry and related industries. Every specialist, who works with metals, will find here a lot of useful and instructive.

  • "Zinc - corrosion protection", 17-th Scientific and technical seminar
  • "Innovative technologies as a means of developing the use of titanium", Round table
  • "Technological engineering and design", all-Russian conference
  • Meeting of the working group on the development of new types and improvement of the quality of metal products for the automotive industry
  • "Welding, thermal cutting and protective coatings in metallurgy and metal processing ", Scientific and practical conference
  • "Innovative metal-based solutions for industrial and private construction", Seminar
  • "New trends in the rational use of secondary resources and environmental problems", Conference
  • "New types of rental, normative base, technical solutions for the market of metal structures ", Round table
  • "New promising materials, equipment and technologies for their production ", 15-i Scientific and technical conference
  • "Modern technologies in the field of production and processing of non-ferrous metals", 13-i Scientific and practical conference
  • "Territorial development of industrial cities", Conference
  • "Territorial development of industrial cities", Conference
  • Meeting – round table of manufacturers of products from galvanized and painted steel (sandwich panels, corrugated board, metal tiles and other profiles)
  • "Corporate communications in the metallurgical industry in Russia and the CIS countries - 2016", Conference
  • "The future is being laid today", Gathering of students, postgraduate students of specialized universities
  • "Internet technologies for business development of metal market participants",
  • Round table of marketing services of metallurgical and metal trading companies

Awarding of laureates and winners

Within the framework of the exhibition, awards will be given to the laureates of competitions:

  • "Main event 2016 g. in metallurgy of Russia "
  • "The best sales network'2016"
  • "The best metal warehouse in Russia'2016"
  • "The best service metal center in Russia'2016"
  • "Young Scientists'2016" "Metal Vision'2016" and others.

The most significant achievements in the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, современного оборудования и технологий для металлургии и металлообработки будут отмечены золотыми и серебряными медалями «Metal Expo».