What should know and be able a corrector of dies for aluminum extrusion

Adjustment of extrusion dies It is destiny, and the privilege of a limited number of professionals. At each manufacturing aluminum extrusions the figure of the die corrector it is a very important and difficult nonessential.

What is die correction

Aluminum Extruders are well known, that a good state of extrusion dies is a critical factor for the good quality of extruded aluminum products - profiles, pipe, rods and bars, as well as for performance of the extrusion press.

Figure 1 – Extrusion press diagram [1]

A die correction shop at the factory for pressing aluminum - a manufacturing site or manufacturing workshop, where dies run technical inspection, maintenance and repair. Usually, two types of die adjustments are distinguished [1]:

  • Adjustment of the new die before running it in production. It is made after the test extrusion of this die. Its main objective – small changes of the matrix structure to improve the accuracy of the geometric dimensions of the pressed profile. Moreover, At this stage nitriding dies to increase their surface hardness.
  • Correction of dies after, as it fulfills the next production cycle on the press. In this case, the reasons for adjusting the die may be necessary to change the flow of aluminum, damage and wear, destruction, deflections and loss of hardness.

A die corrector

Worker of dies correction shop, that perform operations on the adjustment of the dies, They are called die correctors. They control dies resources and are usually responsible for the preparation of die sets, perform a test extrusion of new or corrected dies, die repair, as well as technical die service and related auxiliary support tools, such as bolsters and backers.

Die correctors must have a high level of technical skills and knowledge. When making a decision to correct the die, it is necessary to take into account the following [1]:

  • To eliminate one and the same profile of the defect can be carried out several options for the die correction.
  • Some corrections may be costly and time-consuming.
  • Improperly selected correction can reduce the service life of the die.
  • Sometimes it may take several corrections to eliminate the only problem.

Therefore, the correct selection and implementation of optimal corrective operations on the matrices are very important. To make the right decisions dies correctors must have many practical skills and abilities, as well as the necessary technical knowledge.


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