The quality control of coating powders

This guide is intended for those, who in one way or another works with powder paint and faces problems with:

  • powder paint production
  • supplying it to consumers
  • ordering paint for our own paint production
  • powder coating of their products "on the side"
  • transportation of paint from the manufacturer to the place of its application
  • input and periodic quality control of powder paint in the paint production
  • storage of paint in the conditions of paint production
  • industrial powder coating
  • identifying the causes of defects in powder coatings in the paint production
  • development of measures to prevent powder coating defects.

Manual (in Russian), in general or some of its sections, can be useful for working at different levels of production responsibility:

  • management personnel - when making decisions and organizational measures to improve the quality of products or services
  • engineering and technical personnel - for a deeper understanding of technological processes in production areas, which they lead
  • to working personnel of industrial painting lines - to replenish and systematize practical knowledge and work skills
  • product or service quality controllers - for effective quality control of powder coatings.

The structure of this document is organized as follows, so that every interested manager, engineer, specialist, the laboratory technician or operator of the equipment could extract useful information from it for their terms of reference and their level of responsibility:

  • Section 1 - Introduction.
  • Section 2 – Powder paint as a possible source of powder coating defects.
  • Section 3 – factors, which affect the quality of powder paint during its manufacture, transportation and storage.
  • Section 4 – Overview of properties and characteristics of powder paints. All indicators of the quality of powder paint and methods of their testing are summarized in a general table with an indication of all standards for their test methods: 19 ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Sections 5 and 6 – Review of physical test methods, chemical and thermal indicators of the quality of powder paint, established in ISO and ASTM standards. For each test method, its general principle is indicated., physical or chemical meaning, necessary equipment, brief description of the procedure, technological explanations.
  • Section 7 - Conclusion
  • Section 8 - Bibliography

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