Competition: Best Building Solutions in Steel and Aluminum

metallokonstrukcii-2016Many investors have already appreciated the economic benefits of erecting buildings on a metal frame. The use of steel structures in construction can significantly reduce the construction time of facilities, and also makes it possible to easily dismantle at the end of the operation of the object and even reuse metal structures.

A number of facilities were built using steel structures, including the scientific and educational complex of the Far Eastern State University, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial and warehouse facilities. More and more metal structures are used in the construction of residential buildings. Metal structures are widely used in the creation of social and sports infrastructure, in particular, during the construction of stadiums for the FIFA World Cup 2018 g.

In order to popularize modern technologies and the latest materials based on metal products in the construction complex, the Organizing Committee of the Metal Structures exhibition holds an annual competition "The best solutions for the use of steel and aluminum in construction".

Приглашаем всех заинтересованных специалистов представить профессиональной общественности свои достижения в области проектирования и строительства и принять участие в конкурсе!

The best solutions for the use of steel and aluminum in construction will be awarded with Gold medals and diplomas of the Laureate of the specialized exhibition "Metal structures".

Awarding will take place 6 июня в рамках деловой программы выставки «Металлоконструкции’2016» (6-9 июня, Moscow, ЦВК Экспоцентр).
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