Congress ALUMINUM TWO THOUSAND and extrusion Conference with ICEB 20 by 24 June 2017 Verona, Italy

From 20 by 24 June 2017 year in Verona, Italy on site PalaExpo Congress will Congress ALUMINUM TWO THOUSAND and aluminum extrusion Conference ICEB.

Congress ALUMINIUM 2000

Congress ALUMINIUM 2000 - an international conference of the global aluminum industry, which in any case can not miss. This Congress opens for the ninth time, and he has become an important and indispensable meeting point for all, one way or another associated with the aluminum industry. Highly qualified specialists of the companies aluminum producers, universities and associations come from around the world, to introduce a specialized international audience the most innovative technologies and products in the field of aluminum.

Conference ICEB

In parallel with the Congress ALUMINUM 2000 the ICEB (International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark) conference is held - an international conference on the latest achievements in aluminum extrusion. This conference - the most authoritative collection of European experts in the aluminum extrusion technology and its analysis using finite element modeling.

The objective of this conference - to bring together technical and scientific experts in the field of aluminum, to their knowledge and experience gained maximum dissemination of the aluminum industry specialists. An important part of this communication will be the discussion on the current state and future development of extrusion technology and aluminum, special, use of such a powerful tool, as a numerical computer simulation.

The format 2017 ICEB year conference will continue its tradition and organizes technical session on "Recent advances in the extrusion of light alloys" with special emphasis on programs for simulation of aluminum extrusion.

Congress Aims ALUMINUM 2000

The objectives of the ALUMINUM Congress 2000 are:

  • Analysis of all aspects of the value chain of the aluminum industry
  • Meeting colleagues from around the world
  • Working together technical and scientific experts
  • Exchange ideas and experiences
  • To give new impetus to the growth of the aluminum industry and improve its technologies
  • Enable customers and manufacturers of aluminum products to strengthen its position in the global aluminum community.

Aluminum - Material of the Future

Aluminum has unique properties, such as

  • flexibility,
  • plastic,
  • the ability to reuse,
  • corrosion resistance and
  • compatibility with other materials.

This makes it suitable for an infinite variety of applications in all areas of human activity. Many industries already produce millions of different aluminum products and, Nonetheless, aluminum continues to increase its share in the world economy.

Congress Followers

  • aluminum extrusion Company
  • Consumers extrusions
  • foundries
  • Enterprises for processing of aluminum scrap
  • Manufacturers of the ingots, extrusion pillars
  • Manufacturers of extrusion presses and press equipment
  • Manufacturers of extrusion dies
  • Scientists academic institutions and industry
  • Manufacturers of special alloys and ligatures
  • Companies in software development
  • tool Suppliers, devices and products for press manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of construction products: windows, doors, facades
  • Manufacturers of aluminum components for the automotive industry
  • Distributors of aluminum products
  • Designers and constructors of the construction industry
  • Mechanical engineers of the aluminum industry
  • Financial Investments

Congress program

The three-day Scientific Conference in parallel in four halls in different sections, which are devoted to various topics: from such, as

  • aluminum market analysis

to the manufacturing sectors of the aluminum industry:

  • production of aluminum castings
  • casting ingots
  • aluminum extrusion
  • anodizing and coloring
  • automation
  • construction
  • transportation engineering
  • environment protection
  • Recycling aluminum scrap
  • measurement methods, testing and monitoring.

Each presentation includes a five-minute session, during which your specific questions and get the answers you can ask.

on aluminum markets Section - raw materials, semi-finished and finished products:

  • Europe
  • Turkey
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Middle East - Gulf States
  • Russia
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • India

Special sections:

  • application of nanotechnology in the aluminum industry
  • new light alloys and their applications
  • for the protection of environment and technology "zero" resets polluting waste

visit METEF: On Friday 23 June free entry to the exhibition METEF, which is dedicated to a special techniques for aluminum and other metals innovative.

sponsorship opportunities to promote and revitalize the company's business, as well as adding value to its brand.

social programs:

  • Gala dinner at Villa Mosconi Bertani
  • music concert in the church of the 5th century San Procolo

Entertainment for accompanying persons:

  • The three-day tour and other events, that will allow to discover the nearby beautiful Italian cities.

The final tour for all members of Congress to Venice

Verona is waiting for you. Sign up and come!

Verona, Italy