Congress ALUMINUM 2000 and Extrusion Conference: Science Program, the first day, 20 June 2017, Tuesday

Congress and the Conference on aluminum 20-24 June 2017 in Italy

From 20 by 24 June 2017 year in Verona, Italy on site PalaExpo Congress will Congress ALUMINUM 2000 and for aluminum extrusion Conference ICEB.

General program

General program of the Congress Aluminum 2000 and aluminum extrusion Conference will last for five days, from 20 by 24 June 2017 of the year. See. more here.

The scientific program

The scientific program will last three days, from 20 by 22 June 2017 of the year.
See. more Preliminary Scientific Program.

The presented scientific reports cover many aspects of various aluminum industries:

  • innovations in the aluminum industry;
  • marketing and management of aluminum production;
  • aluminum extrusion optimization;
  • aluminum extrusion modeling
  • anodizing and coloring of aluminum;
  • aluminum casting;
  • aluminum metallurgy;
  • aluminum forging;
  • aluminum welding;
  • aluminum scrap processing;
  • processing of aluminum production waste.

Below is a preliminary program of scientific reports the first day of work, 20 June 2017 of the year, Tuesday.

program second day, 21 June 2017 year, see. here.
program third day, 22 June 2017 year, see. here.

Research on the program 20 June 2017 of the year, Tuesday

Plenary session

  • Official opening of the Congress and the Conference of
  • Aluminum, the present and future development
  • Overview of the global market for aluminum extrusions

Parallel sections in 4 halls

Modeling extrusion process

  • quality improvement and perfection of extrusions through simulation
  • Joint analysis of aluminum extrusion and elasto-plastic deformation of the tool
  • Analysis and friction properties of the material in the simulation heat treatment of metals in alloy example direct compression 7020
  • Modeling quenching and warpage aluminum profiles
  • Testing finite volume method by analyzing the aluminum alloy hot pressing
  • Comparing characteristics of the alloy Al-Mg-Si when tested in compression and torsion at elevated temperatures

Optimization of extrusion process

  • Statistical analysis of the profile parameters for improving the extrusion process
  • Sensitivity analysis to optimize the extrusion process procedures

Markets and Marketing

  • Why the EU is paying for more than aluminum, if he can pay less?
  • Aluminum in transport: challenging tasks
  • Current European regulations for processing the aluminum surface

New extrusion technology

  • Production profiles reinforced by a combination of continuous and discontinuous composite extrusion
  • New features in the design and optimization using 3D-iExtrusion technology
  • Advances in the composite extrusion of complex profiles for automotive
  • Hot pressing of aluminum-graphite composites
  • Study of the flow conditions in the extrusion process Conclad

aluminum casting, casting types, casting simulation

  • Modeling of defect aluminum casting alloys with morphology pore
  • The mechanism of hardening of the casting alloy Al-7Si-0.35Mg under the influence of ultrasonic treatment of the melt
  • Composites with high conductivity on the basis of aluminum matrix with inclusions of graphite, obtained by casting
  • Effective numerical simulations of heat flow to large, complex molds for injection molding using adaptive Cartesian grid
  • Recent advances in the modeling of aluminum casting
  • Advances in the technology of casting under high pressure
  • Increasing hardening rates and reduced cycle molding by the use of molds made of steel with high thermal conductivity

Anodizing and coloring

  • HARDFAST: new technology for conventional and hard anodizing to reduce cost, reducing treatment time and improve the quality
  • The problem of yellowness of coatings on aluminum: the influence of polymerization parameters and the evaluation of color change in accelerated aging tests
  • The innovative system for reducing the amount of aluminum hydroxide to precipitate 50 % compared to existing lines of anodizing. Experience industries in Europe and the US
  • The solid anodised aluminum alloy series 2000 and 7000: results of experiments using new technological parameters
  • Innovative color preparation of profiles for powder coating without the use of chromium: the results of seven years of industrial experiments
  • Innovative system for recovering caustic soda after cleaning matrices: a practical reduction in the cost of 80 %
  • Application of the new filling anodizing, resistant to acids and alkalis: manufacturing experience in North America and the Far East
  • DECORAT: New Opportunities for Building Fences - "Walls to Communicate"