Aluminum products from Europe

Sometimes the demands of some customers to aluminum products are more stringent, than those, which are set out in the European standards. They may also be additional requirements., which tighten standards. In such cases, products are usually ordered in accordance with European standards., but include additional requirements in the contract or order. In most cases, such special requirements apply to a limited number of properties and tests.. In this case, a reference to a specific European standard means, that for all properties, test methods and delivery conditions, which are not specified in the special requirements of the contract or order, the requirements of this standard apply.

European standard plus contract

for instance, the customer wants to order a sheet with tighter tolerances, than specified in the European standard. He may indicate these special requirements in his order and, Nonetheless, must refer to the European standard for aluminum sheets - EN 485-1. In this case, the requirements of this standard for dimensional tolerances will be replaced by more stringent requirements, which are indicated in the order, and other requirements remain unchanged.

However, probably, it will be difficult for the wholesaler to obtain such special products in small quantities. If this special product is ordered from the manufacturer, then he will produce a separate batch for these special requirements, which will mean higher production costs and, naturally, higher price.

Aluminum products according to specifications

For some aluminum products, for example, sheet for car bodies, there are only a few suppliers and customers. In such cases, specifications are often applied., agreed between manufacturer and customer, and European standards do not apply at all.