Aluminum foil technical GOST 618-73

Aluminium foil GOST 618-73 intended for technical purposes, primarily, for thermal, hydro- and sound.
Aluminum foil for capacitors produced in accordance with GOST 25905-83, aluminum foil food - according to GOST 745-2003.

1 Classification

1.1 According to the state of the material, technical foil is divided into the following types:
M - soft (with annealing);
T - hard (no annealing).

2 assortment

2.1 Foil thickness and tolerances in the thickness indicated in the table correspond to 1.

table1Table 1 – The thickness of the aluminum foil and the technical limit deviations from it

2.2 foil width - from 10 to 1500 mm.
2.3 Foil winding - on metal bushings (spools) with an inner diameter 34-36, 50-52, 68-70, 75-77 and 150-153.
2.4 The outer diameter of the foil rolls - from 100 to 500 mm.

3 Chemical composition

Foil is made:
1) from aluminum grades AD, AD0 and AD1 GOST 4784-97;
2) made of AMts aluminum alloy in accordance with GOST 4784-97;
2) made of aluminum grades A6, A5 and A0 GOST 11069-2001;
3) made of aluminum alloys 8011, 8011A, 1145 and 1050 with the chemical composition, indicated in the table 2.


Table 2 – The chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum alloy foils for the manufacture of technical
(for foreign standards)

4 Mechanical properties

4.1 The mechanical properties of technical aluminum foil, except foil of aluminum alloy AMts, must comply with, indicated in the table 3. Requirements for mechanical properties of aluminum foil alloy AMts determined in consultation with the customer the manufacturer.

table3 Table 3 – The mechanical properties of technical aluminum foil

4.2 The mechanical properties of the foil samples was determined by the procedure, defined application 4 GOST 618-73, Foil samples in the form of stripes with a width of (15.0 ± 0,20) mm and working length 150 mm is stretched on a tensile testing machine in accordance with GOST 28840-90.