Aluminum foil for capacitors according to GOST 25905-83

Aluminum foil for capacitors produced according to GOST 25905-83.

Aluminum foil, GOST 618-73 used for other technical purposes, primarily, for thermal, hydro- and sound.

Food grade aluminum foil is produced according to GOST 745-2003.

1 Classification of aluminum foil for capacitors

1.1 По точности изготовления алюминиевую фольгу для кондесаторв подразделяют на следующие виды:
Н – нормальная;
P - increased.
1.2 По состоянию материала алюминиевую фольгу для конденсаторов подразделяют на следующие виды:
M - soft (with annealing);
T - hard (no annealing).
1.3 Foil made of aluminum grade A99 by specific capacity is divided into six types from 1 to 6.

2 Range of aluminum foil for capacitors

2.1 Foil thickness and tolerances in the thickness indicated in the table correspond to 1.
table1Table 1 – Nominal thickness of aluminum foil for capacitors and maximum deviations from it

2.2 foil width - from 5 to 500 mm.
2.3 Foil winding - on metal bushings (spools) with an inner diameter 34-36, 50-52, 68-70 and 70-75.
2.4 The outer diameter of the foil rolls - from 150 to 200 mm.

3 Chemical composition of aluminum foil for capacitors

3.1 Алюминиевую фольгу для конденсаторов изготавливают:
1) из алюминия марок А99, a6, A5 according to GOST 11069-2001;
2) из алюминия марок АД0, AD1 according to GOST 4784-97.
3.2 По согласованию изготовителя с потребителем допускается изготовление фольги:
– aluminum, additionally alloyed with iron to 1,2 % по массе;
– made of aluminum with a mass fraction of iron up to 0,007 %, silicon before 0,008 %, copper to 0,0045 % with a total mass fraction of impurities not more than 0,02 %.

4 Mechanical properties of aluminum foil for capacitors

4.1 The mechanical properties of aluminum foil for capacitors must meet the requirements, indicated in the table 2.

table2Table 2 – Mechanical properties of aluminum foil for capacitors

4.2 Temporary resistance of soft foil thick 0,007 mm for power capacitors must be at least 40 MPa.
4.3 At the request of the consumer for foil type 2 made of aluminum grade A99, the temporary resistance of soft foil must be at least 32 MPa, and the relative elongation of the soft foil is not less 4,0 %.
4.4 The mechanical properties of the foil samples was determined by the procedure, defined by Appendix 2b GOST 618-73. Образцы фольги в виде полосок вдоль направления прокатки шириной (15,0 ± 0,20) mm and working length 150 mm is stretched on a tensile testing machine in accordance with GOST 28840-90.

5 Specific capacity of A99 aluminum foil

5.1 Specific capacity of foil types from 1 to 6 made of aluminum grade A99 must meet the requirements of the table 3.

table3Table 3 – Specific capacity of A99 aluminum foil

5.2 The upper limit of the specific capacity indicator is not regulated.
5.3 It is allowed to manufacture foil of other sizes with a specific capacity indicator, the corresponding nearest smallest foil thickness.