Exhibition Aluminum China – 2016

Exhibition Aluminum China 2016

Aluminum in consumer electronics

Consumer electronics is rapidly evolving, its life cycle is getting shorter, new models change each year. All this requires new solutions and one of them is the metal case of new electronics., more durable, lighter, thiner, more environmentally friendly.

How the latest mobile phones are alike 2016 of the year, including LG, SonyXperiaZ6 и HTCX9, as well as Chinese brands, such as LeTV Max Pro, Huawei Mate 8 and Lenovo K4? That is why, that they all have a metal body.

Aluminum smartphones and tablets

It's not a secret to anybody, what cases of smartphones and tablets - aluminum, of different aluminum alloys.

This topic - the use of aluminum alloys in consumer electronics housings - will be one of the key topics at the largest aluminum industry show in the world with 12 by 14 july 2016 of the year. Aluminum China Exhibition in Shanghai will bring together aluminum and electronics manufacturers, to demonstrate new quality standards, technologies and applications of aluminum in the electronics industry.

Zang Xiaomeng, Senior Project Manager Reed Exhibitions - Organizer Aluminum China 2016 - noted, that with the development of consumer electronics, there is an increasing need to involve aluminum recycling companies in efforts to promote the use of aluminum in the electronics industry.

He expressed hope, what is the aluminum China exhibition 2016 will attract new manufacturers of aluminum products to the electronics industry, including manufacturers of cases for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and accessories, as well as manufacturers of other consumer electronics products.

Mr. Xiaomeng assured, that this event will be a really suitable meeting place, negotiations and exchange of knowledge and experience for leading manufacturers of the aluminum and electronic industry.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, showed, that the cost of models with metal cases dropped somewhere to 150 US dollars, excluding premium smartphones. In smartphones, tablets and other electronic “toys” aluminum replaces plastic - durable, elegant, safe, pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the hands. This is what attracts consumers to him.. As expected, already in 2016 about 40 % all mobile phone cases will be made of metal.

Nonetheless, industry experts also warn, that the full-scale introduction of metal housings depends on overcoming a number of technical challenges. Currently, only a few Chinese mobile phone manufacturers can effectively deal with design issues, development and efficient production of aluminum enclosures. Aluminum China aims to bring electronics and aluminum manufacturers closer together.

Exhibition Aluminum China 2016 focuses primarily on the Southeast Asian market and it will become a platform for the exchange of experience between experts from the aluminum industry and companies in the transport industry, electronics, packaging and construction industry, as well as other areas.

12-i International Aluminum China Exhibition will be held with 12-14 July at the New International Exhibition Center in Shanghai. Among the main areas of the exhibition will be the use of aluminum in electronics and transport, as well as aluminum processing technologies. The event will showcase the close bilateral cooperation between China and India, and also about 1000 companies from several dozen countries and regions.

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