European standards (EN) for aluminum products

The European aluminum products

European standards aluminum products - this is, primarily, standards for general-purpose products. There are also standards for special aluminum products, for example, packaging in the food industry or pressure vessels.

Aluminum products, general purpose generally has a sheet shape, plate, foil, tight / rods, tubes, profiles or wire. For each of these forms issued European Standards "general purpose" and each of them consists of several parts, eg:

  • Sheets and plates: from EN 485-1 до AND 485-4.
  • Rods / rod, pipes and profiles: from EN 754-1 до AND 754-8 (pulled) and from EN 755-1 до AND 755-9 (pressed).
  • Foil: from EN 546-1 до AND 546-4.
  • Drawn wire: from EN 1301-1 до AND 1301-3.

Part 1 Each standard contains technical control and delivery conditions, which indicate:

  • what information should be included in the "order form", ie a document or set of documents, which the supplier and the customer agree upon when ordering a batch of products;
  • what are the requirements for the product (including references to other parts of the standards);
  • how the manufacturer should make and test the product;
  • as the products must be shipped, and what information should be provided to the customer;
  • as, in case of need, will be the resolution of disputes.

Part 2 Each standard defines the mechanical properties of these alloys and conditions, and the next part of the set tolerances on shape and dimensions, and in some cases - the requirements for additional properties.

customers, who need a small amount of standard products, buy them from wholesalers. Wholesalers order products directly from the manufacturer in accordance with relevant European standards. By proper control of technology and organization of production, as well as the required amount of product testing, The manufacturer builds confidence, that the properties of the products are in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standards. customers, that these standard products are needed in large quantities, buy them directly from the manufacturer.