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Aluminum as structural material requires certain knowledge and experience. However, the amount of published knowledge and experience with aluminum and its alloys in Russian language is catastrophically little. Often the necessary technical information in Russian is not available at all. Meanwhile, English-language technical literature and Internet include huge reservoirs of technical information on all areas of the aluminium industry.

In addition, the market of aluminium products is global and involves communication between aluminium professionals, suppliers and purchasers, manufacturers and customers in different countries. Professionals in international business mostly use English for communication, therefore good knowledge of international terminology is essential for efficient communication between professionals.

The purpose of this site is to try to at least partially reduce the gap between Russian speaking aluminium professionals and the world aluminium knowledge and experience.

The basic sources of information for the site include the following:
— English-language monographs and textbooks
— proceedings of international conferences and seminars
— information from national aluminum associations
— national, regional and international standards
— instructions, guidelines, manuals and recommendations of world leaders in the aluminum industry.
Our main goal is to provide the materials
— briefly but covering the essential issues
— oriented on practical applications
— with proper terminology.
We hope that our work will be useful for you and we are looking forward to comments and suggestions for new topics on aluminium!

On each page there is a button “Language ”, which gives an AUTOMATIC translation of this page into English or Deutsch. Therefore, sorry for the quality of the translation! ) Some articles are written directly in English.

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