Aluminum: 4 industrial Revolution


From 8 by 9 May 2018 in the Italian city of Milan will host the International Forum Future Aluminium - FUTURE ALUMINIUM FORUME. This forum is dedicated to the introduction of the aluminum industry in the concept of "Industry 4.0" - the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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What is the Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution - the predicted mass introduction kiberfizicheskih systems in industrial production. commonly used term to refer to this concept Industry 4.0. In Russian is most commonly used expression of Industry 4.0, and Industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution is objectively caused by economic expediency and the desire for better quality of life. At the same time, it can carry a certain social problems, that have to be addressed.

The fourth industrial revolution is a continuation of the previous three industrial revolutions:

  • First Industrial Revolution (late 18th century): machine production based on the steam engine
  • Second industrial revolution (early 20th century): mass production of machines based on electrical energy
  • Third Industrial Revolution (1970s): Automation of Manufacturing with Electronics and Information Technology.

by Industry Conference 4.0 Forum on the Future Aluminium

As part of the Future Aluminium Forum conference to be held, where speakers from academia, as well as leading experts and managers of the largest companies of the aluminum industry, innovative companies, and IT-companies will explain the key points of the theory and practice of the concept of implementation Industry 4.0 in aluminum production.

The following is an abridged translation of the program of the conference. Please take into consideration, that translations of some titles of reports are approximate. Accurate translation of these names is only possible in the presence of context, that is, the text reports themselves.

Conference program English original, see. here.

Conference program

Tuesday 8 May 2018


Opening of the Conference

  • Welcome speech of the organizers of the Forum
  • Digital automation: from ideas to practice. Five examples of digital control in the aluminum industry


Session 1 - The digital revolution

  • Application blokcheyn technology for increased productivity, improve production practices and the development of materials in aluminum industry
  • The origin of the concept of industry 4.0
  • The introduction of the concept of industry 4.0
  • Managed maintenance on the basis of technology Hololens

10: 30 - Coffee break and exhibition time


Session 2 - Industry 4.0 in aluminum production: status, strategies and opportunities

  • The combination of physical models and artificial intelligence in the future production of aluminum profiles
  • Dedicated database storage system rolling mill
  • Application of the concept of "big data" for industrial automated cloud technologies
  • Accelerating the introduction of innovative materials and technologies through open competitions


Session 3 - Cybersecurity enterprise

  • Risk management of cyber security in high-tech manufacturing
  • Trends in automation and data exchange in production technology

13: 15 - Lunch and exhibition time

Session 4 - primary aluminum production in the future


  • Industry concept 4.0 for the technological industrial landscape: Primary aluminum producer in the future
  • Experimental technology at the Karmoy plant (Norway) - Industry 4.0 from words to deeds
  • Melting of aluminum in the age of renewable energy and “Internet of things”
  • Primary aluminum production: integrated automation according to the Industry concept 4.0

16: 00 - Coffee break and exhibition time

Session 5 - Key market opportunities


  • Intelligent solutions company Claudius Peters. Overview innovations
  • Intelligent aluminum temperature sensors for automation concepts based on Industry 4.0
  • Company DANIELI DIG&MET - adding extra cost to aluminum products
  • What does the Industry 4.0 primary producers of aluminum and aluminum profiles

18: 00 - Closing of the 1st day of the Conference

medium 9 May 2018

08: 30 - Overview of Future Aluminum Forum events

Session 6 - Through the latest technology to the more environmentally friendly aluminum industry


  • On the formation of the aluminum market, produced with low emissions of CO2
  • The increase in 20 % the output of suitable primary aluminum with the use of technology DROSRITE
  • Tracking environmental performance of the aluminum industry
  • Recycling aluminum and economy closed loop

Session 7 - Maintaining a balance between automation and productivity


  • Smart Ovens: Improving Performance and Preventive Maintenance Through Industry 4.0
  • Analysis of the chemical composition of the metal during automatic burdening and homogenization
  • What does the Industry 4.0 for aluminum extrusion? The Role of Integrated Product Transfer Systems

11: 30 - Coffee break and exhibition time

Poster Session Innovation Center "European Aluminum"


At this session, leading specialists of the aluminum industry, equipment providers and academia will discuss, how digital technologies can accelerate innovation and improve the environmental sustainability of aluminum production.

13: 00 - Lunch and exhibition time

Session 8 - Industry 4.0 and its tasks: What will happen in the future?


  • As Industry 4.0 It affects the operation and improving production of aluminum smelting
  • The role and limitations of the equipment supplier in the implementation of strategies Industry 4.0 in aluminum production and technology
  • Digital automatic heat treatment ovens will talk to you!
  • Aluminum and digital automation: the path to the future

Session 9 - The role of automatic production for efficient supply chain


  • Aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Data-driven modeling industry for the development of wrought aluminum alloys
  • Data transfer in a complex industrial equipment for aluminum production 4.0
  • Digitization (digitalisation) of aluminum casting process technology to increase competitiveness based on real-time monitoring and predictive quality assurance model

17: 00 - Closing of the Conference

On the conditions of participation in the Conference, see. here.