Seamless aluminum tubes

Extruded aluminum tube - a tube, которые изготавливают путем горячего прессования (экструзии). Есть еще холодно-деформирированные трубы (их еще называют «тянутые трубы»), are first compressed by hot pressing, and then bring them to the predetermined size by cold-drawing through one or more mandrels.

Seamless pipes and "seam"

Extruded aluminum tubes are divided into a pipe and seamless pipe. Term “welded pipes”, which is widely used for a steel pipe, for aluminum pipes do not use. The thing is, that the steel pipe has a pronounced seam weld, and that of the aluminum "seam" pipe this seam implicit, hidden. And not an ordinary welding – owed, gas or electric, but directly in a matrix under high pressure during compaction.

For this reason, sometimes clearly "seam" pipe, e.g. coiled tubing length over a kilometer, advertise as seamless pipe, what, of course, can not be.

AND, really, difficult to distinguish visually seamless and "seam" aluminum tubes. However, they have serious differences, and the choice between them depends on, the purposes for which the pipe will be used. В зарубежной нормативной и технической литературе такие «шовные» алюминиевые трубы называют конструкционными трубами (structural tubes and pipes).

These "seam" pipe could be called "nebesshovnye", but it looks like something is cumbersome and in some cases even illiterate.

How to make seamless pipes

Seamless tubes are manufactured mainly by two methods. Первый метод заключается в продавливании (экструзии) полого алюминиевого слитка через матрицу и оправку специального пресса при высокой температуре. В другом методе сплошной слиток (заготовку) сначала прошивают на прессе с помощью специальной оправки – так называемой «иглы» – and then out of the hollow ingot are already compressed tube also, as in the first method,.

No matter, which of the two methods is made pipe, it really will not have any weld. it, by the way, making it ideal for anodizing and other ways of decorative surface finish.

The advantages of seamless pipes

Преимущества бесшовных труб заключаются в следующем:

  • no seams, что очень важно для применения их под высоким давлением;
  • more uniform appearance anodized surface, особенно для толстостенных труб;
  • no welds, which could diverge at a deformation of the pipe, for example, сплющивании или раздаче;
  • increased structural strength.

Structural aluminum tubes

"Seaming" manufactured on conventional pipe extrusion presses on special matrices, так называемых матрицах «портхол» (port-hole) или мостиковых (bridge). Сплошной алюминиевый слиток (заготовка) проталкивается (экструдируется) через такую матрицу, which requires considerable effort and high press temperature of the billet.

During such compaction the preform is divided into two or four of aluminum flux, which converge together and then welded together under high pressure in a so-called welding chambers matrix. Traces of these "welded" seams can be seen in tubes after anodization or etching.

Преимущества конструкционных (шовных) труб

К преимуществам конструкционных (шовных) труб относятся:

  • возможность обеспечения более жестких допусков на толщину стенки и овальность;
  • the ability to apply mnogoochkovye matrix for small diameter pipes, which increases productivity and reduces the cost of the pipes.

The use of seamless aluminum tubes

Области применения бесшовных алюминиевых труб:

  • трубы для жидкостей и газов под высоким давлением;
  • высокопрочные трубы;
  • pipes with high quality appearance of the anodic oxide coating.

Gauge aluminum tubes

Aluminum tubes - seamless and construction - made square, rectangular and round in a wide range of the outer diameter or the circumscribed circle. Durability depends pipes aluminum alloy, and wall thickness dimensions of the tube.