Responsibility of aluminum producers

For responsibility in the aluminum industry!

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is an international standards and certification organization, which promotes and promotes the development of a responsible approach in the production and management of the aluminum industry. Stewardship is a relatively new term and it means responsible planning and resource management in any field of activity..

ASI is developing an independent third party certification program to, so that the principles of sustainable development and respect for human rights are increasingly implemented both in aluminum industry, and in the use of aluminum products and aluminum recycling. To do this, ASI engages with industrial enterprises and their stakeholders around the world along the entire length of the aluminum value chain..

value chain – this is what, what is called v in Englishalue chain, то есть весь путь повышения ценности продукта – и его стоимости – от исходной бокситной руды до конечного алюминиевого изделия, например, пивной банки или сложной детали автомобиля из прессованного алюминиевого профиля.

Responsible Care Standards

The ASI Certification Program is based on two standards - the ASI Manufacturing Standard and the ASI Supply Chain Standard.. ASI Manufacturing Standard Addresses Critical Issues Across the Aluminum Value Chain, including the management of mining operations, taking into account the conservation of the biological diversity of the environment, observance of the rights of local tribes and nationalities, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental management of waste and materials. A supply chain standard is also in development. It must combine responsible industrial production with the responsible supply of industrial raw materials, with particular attention to the principles of sustainable development..

During 2016-2017 years, the ASI organization plans to develop and test a certification model according to its standards. After that, how the development and test phase will be successfully completed, the certification program will begin.

ASI members

ASI members work in the following industries:

  • mining of bauxite;
  • alumina production;
  • aluminum smelting;
  • production of aluminum semi-finished products, parts and products, including, c automotive industry, construction and packaging industry.

Members of the organization are also leading public organizations and industry associations..

The members of the ASI organization are:

  • Alcoa,
  • Aleris,
  • Aluminium Association of Canada,
  • AMAG/Constantia Flexible,
  • Audi,
  • A|U|F e.v.,
  • Ball Corporation,
  • BMW Group,
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises,
  • Constellium,
  • Council for Aluminium in Building,
  • IGORA,
  • IUCN,
  • Jaguar Land Rover,
  • Norwegian Hydro,
  • Nestlé Nespresso SA,
  • Novelis,
  • Regain Materials,
  • rexam,
  • Rio Tinto Aluminium,
  • Schüco,
  • Tetra Pak,
  • The Aluminum Association и
  • UC Rusal. at the Annual General Gathering

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative holds its inaugural Annual General Gathering on Tuesday 26 April 2016 of the year at the Audi Forum in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt (Germany).

Site – UNDERSTANDING ALUMINUM could not miss such a significant event and will take part in it. At this meeting, representatives of the aluminum industry, public organizations and all interested parties will find the opportunity to widely discuss all elements of the aluminum value chain. The results of these discussions will serve to further develop sustainability standards in the aluminum industry..

Our people at Audi car factories

The highlight of this meeting will be excursions to the company's factories Audi, which is a member of the Organization and is known for its commitment to the widespread use of aluminum in its vehicles.

Representatives of the site - UNDERSTANDING ALUMINUM will closely monitor everything that happens and actively participate in discussions.

The report of this meeting and, what, most intriguing, a report on what he saw at the Audi car factories, read in the coming days on our website.