Aluminum 2000 (2017): program

Aluminium 2000 и Aluminium Extrusion

From 20 by 24 June 2017 The International Congress of ALUMINUM will be held in the Italian city of Verona 2000 and International Conference ALUMINUM EXTRUSION.

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Scientific Conference

The centerpiece of this event will be a 3-day scientific conference. Reports and presentations will be held in parallel sections in 4 halls dedicated to various sectors of the aluminum industry:

  • sales markets and general analysis of the aluminum industry;
  • aluminum casting;
  • aluminum extrusion;
  • anodizing and coloring of aluminum;
  • production automation;
  • the use of aluminum in construction and architecture;
  • the use of aluminum in transport engineering;
  • recycling and environmental protection in the aluminum industry;
  • measurement methods, testing and quality control in the aluminum industry.

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Program of the 3rd day of the scientific conference

Below is a preliminary brief program of reports third, last, scientific conference day 22 June 2017 of the year, on Thursday.

program the first conference day see. here.
program second conference day see. here.

Cast aluminum blanks for extrusion

  • Latest advances in direct cooling technology for aluminum ingots-pillars from Wagstaff
  • Magnheat Project: Testing a New Continuous Magnetic Billet Heater in an Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Line
  • Billets from Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloys with high compressibility - current state and prospects
  • Effect of scandium and zirconium on compressibility, microstructure and hardness of binary aluminum-copper alloys
  • Overview of the latest advances in aluminum extrusion from alloy chemistry to technology improvements

Microstructure of extruded aluminum products

  • Deep Etching and Particle Extraction Methods for Chemical Composition Control of Aluminum Alloys
  • Microstructure of extruded solid profiles from aluminum-magnesium alloys with a high magnesium content
  • Prediction and verification of grain shape development in real industrial aluminum profiles by 3D modeling using the finite element method

Production of extruded aluminum products

  • Commissioning of a fully automated aluminum extrusion plant - problems and solutions
  • Applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analysis to Improve Extruded Aluminum Plant Operations
  • Energy and Information Management on a Medium to High Capacity Extrusion Press
  • Latest advances in lubricants for the aluminum extrusion process
  • Optimization of extrusion process parameters using an interactive database
  • Application of CRONOS technology to analyze the overall efficiency of equipment

welding of aluminum

  • Influence of heat treatment modes on the microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 7075 friction welding
  • Investigation of superplastic forming and friction welding of aluminum alloy 2195
  • Kinetics of silicon diffusion through the seam between the Al-12Si alloy and aluminum alloys of the series 6000 when applying the welding process in transient liquid phase (TLP)

Foundry, casting technology

  • Mechanical properties of aluminum alloy sheets 7075, manufactured by continuous casting and rolling technology
  • Improving the quality of technology management with modern thermographic systems
  • Development and industrial development of the process of ultrasonic degassing in aluminum casting
  • Electromagnetic Continuous Casting of Ingots for Extrusion of High Magnesium Aluminum Alloys, zinc and silicon
  • Investigation of behavior and fracture under tensile and impact loads of a polycrystalline cast aluminum alloy 43000, which has been homogenized at different temperatures

aluminum metallurgy

  • Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of a new alloy AlSi10MnMg(Fe) from aluminum scrap
  • Simultaneous improvement of strength and toughness properties in Al-Si-Mg and Al-Mg hypoeutectic alloys with high magnesium content
  • Study of the kinetics of the aluminothermal reduction of ZrO2

Waste water treatment of aluminum production

  • Special technology, providing reuse from 50 to 80 % wastewater from anodizing and painting lines
  • Wastewater treatment technology for aluminum production with "zero" discharge of liquid waste, without the use of evaporators and with high sludge recovery

Logistics of aluminum products

  • Improving Integrated Transfer Systems for the Aluminum Product Value Chain: Moving Aluminum from Smelting to Finished Goods

aluminum forging

  • New technological routes for cold deformation of AlMgSi alloys

Recycling of aluminum scrap

  • Assessment of the possibility of processing hazardous aluminum waste and new ways of developing this area
  • Environmentally friendly direct processing of aluminum chips through innovative frictional agitation extrusion technology
  • Wrought Aluminum Alloys from Aluminum Scrap: Problems and Opportunities
  • Quick sorting of aluminum alloys with the μLIBS handheld analyzer
  • Practical infrared thermometry for aluminum hot rolling
  • Analysis of the formation of intermetallic compounds during the remelting of aluminum cans