ALUMINUM 2016 in Düsseldorf

B2B: business to business

Exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 in Düsseldorf, which will take place with 29 November 1 December 2016 of the year Is the main business event for the global aluminum industry, which takes place once every two years. This Exhibition is specially designed for close interaction and cooperation of all aluminum business circles on the principle of "business to business".

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 Is an international meeting place for professionals from all over the global aluminum industry, all, who works with aluminum in factories, firms, associations and scientific organizations:

  • production managers;
  • technologists;
  • mechanics;
  • technology and equipment suppliers,
  • designers;
  • developers of new products;
  • engineers;
  • researchers and researchers.

For each specialist, three days of work at such an Exhibition is a real and tangible increase in qualifications and level of knowledge, a powerful impetus for development and creativity in subsequent work in your production.

The entire technological chain

The participating enterprises of the Exhibition form a complete technological and aluminum industry chain: from raw materials to semi-finished products and further to finished products - machines, building construction, equipment, products and surface treatments.

New solutions and concepts

In several pavilions Exhibitions ALUMINUM 2016 there will be the most interesting topics of the entire aluminum industry:

  • automotive industry;
  • transport engineering;
  • aerospace industry;
  • construction;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • shipbuilding;
  • electronic and electrical industry;
  • packaging of goods;
  • consumer goods manufacturing.

Members and visitors

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 will be a complete International:

  • near 1000 participating enterprises;
  • near 100 countries;
  • near 27000 visitors.

Technical program ALUMINUM 2016

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 offers a unique related program. In addition to the usual scientific and technical Conference, a presentation program of special forums and innovation platforms will be organized. This is a unique feature of this particular exhibition ALUMINUM 2016.

The entire aluminum industry in one place!

The uniqueness of aluminum exhibitions in Dusseldorf is, that they represent an absolutely complete chain of growth in the added value of products in the aluminum industry itself and all related industries, who consume aluminum.

Here are the main exhibition areas, in which you can find the smallest nuances and subtleties of the aluminum industry.

raw materials, primary metals, semi-finished goods

  • Initial and technological materials
  • Primary metals, remelted scrap products
  • Granules, powders, pastes, fibrous and foam materials
  • semi-finished goods
  • Castings
  • Quiet forming
  • powder metallurgy

Aluminum products for special purposes

  • Construction
  • Road transport (cars, trucks, buses)
  • Railway, water and air transport
  • electrical and Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Decorative design
  • Factory equipment
  • Packaging materials and technologies
  • Process tanks and containers

Surface treatment

  • Special technologies for surface treatment of aluminum products
  • Equipment, technological and consumable , accessories for surface treatment technology and corrosion protection

Non-ferrous metal trade and processing

  • General questions of non-ferrous metals trade
  • Trade in special products made of non-ferrous metals
  • Recycling of aluminum scrap
  • Processing and recycling of industrial waste

Factories, equipment and machinery

  • Processing of raw materials
  • Primary aluminum production
  • Melting, casting, heat treatment and heating technologies, including ovens
  • Refractories and thermal insulation
  • rolling Technology
  • Extrusion (pressing) and drawing
  • Forging and extrusion molding
  • Sheet production technology
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Machining by cutting
  • Metal constructions
  • Connection technologies
  • Strip and foil production, foil processing and packaging technologies
  • Ecology and environment protection
  • Tool making, matrices and forms
  • Industrial enterprise management
  • Product measurements and testing
  • Process waste treatment, recovery, treatment, processing
  • Holding equipment and systems
  • Pipe production
  • Production movement of materials and semi-finished products
  • Organization of hired labor

Services and Consulting

  • Process simulation software
  • Engineering
  • Energy saving
  • Consulting and project management
  • Prototyping, 3D-seal
  • Expertise
  • Technology transfer and deployment

Information and education

  • Information
  • Education, training
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Industry associations
  • Events
  • Equipment and clothing for labor protection

Forum on lightweight building structures

This new forum will provide information on lightweight building structures. Special attention will be paid to new materials and technologies in the construction of lightweight structures.

Congress ALUMINUM 2016

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 will be accompanied as always by the ALUMINUM Congress 2016, where current issues and problems of the aluminum industry will be discussed. From 2010 this Congress is organized by the German Aluminum Association (GDA, the German Aluminium Association, General Association of the Aluminum Industry e.V.).

Forum ALUMINUM 2016

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 and its participants will present special lectures on trends, know-how and innovation within the aluminum world for a wide variety of applications. This will take place at the dedicated ALUMINUM Forum 2016.

Visitors' access to this Forum will be on a special site in hall 11 at stand 11J75. Lectures will be delivered in English.

The opening of the Exhibition is coming soon!

Opening of the global and comprehensive ALUMINUM Exhibition 2016 in Dusseldorf very soon - 29 November 2016 of the year.

If you are truly a professional in the aluminum industry or want to become one,
then your place is here, in Düsseldorf,
with us among the professionals in aluminum
from 29 November 1 December 2016 of the year.

exhibition ALUMINUM 2016 is waiting for you!