Congress Aluminium 2000 Figures and photos

A month ago in Verona, Italy, the 10th World Congress of Aluminum Two Thousand ended with the 6th Conference on Aluminum Extrusion and Computer Model Benchmark. The success of this event exceeded all expectations of its organizers and participants.

Полученный нами официальный пресс-релиз события «Верона 2017» содержит такие цифры:

  • 315 участников;
  • 100 технических статей;
  • participants from 36 countries;
  • more 75 % participants have already expressed their intention to come next time.

Photo 1 – Вальтер Далла Барба (Walter Dalla Barba),
Congress President Aluminum Two Thousand,
welcomes the participants of the Congress and Conference

The American and German delegations along with the Italian delegation were the most numerous. However, the presence of specialists from Europe, China, Of the Far East, The Americas are proof of the importance of this unique event to them.

True aluminum specialists are rare and widely scattered from each other around the world. That is why they are always ready to take the opportunity to meet each other under one roof at such a conference., where all aspects of aluminum technology could be discussed. International panorama of the aluminum market, which was presented at the plenary session on the first day of the Congress, attracted great interest.

Среди представленных тематических секций наибольшее внимание участников привлекли:

  • рынки и стратегии;
  • экструзия;
  • обработка поверхности;
  • технологии прокатки и смотки;
  • плавление и литье;
  • транспортная индустрия;
  • waste recycling and environmental protection.

A little, a lot 100 articles were submitted by renowned technical experts, researchers and managers from the most important world-class aluminum companies. All this provided the basis for a three-day intensive work of all participants..

Большой интерес участников вызвал «Высший Мастер-класс по анодированию алюминия (Уровень 3, conducted by experts from American industry associations for anodizing. It presented modern knowledge, methods and techniques for the production of high quality anodized products.

Thematic sections were held in four parallel conference rooms. During the whole event, the spacious lobby housed the offices of its general sponsors. It was a popular meeting place for all participants.

A large number of submitted technical articles contained very innovative technologies and already attracted the attention of the aluminum industry. For some of them, requests have already been received to their authors and companies for industrial implementation in the near future..

The Scientific Committee of the Congress and Conference has awarded special prizes to authors of especially outstanding articles.

Большой интерес вызвала техническая экскурсия на завод компании Турла (Turla), which is one of the world's leading developers of extrusion presses for aluminum and auxiliary extrusion equipment.

Every evening during the whole week of the Congress was filled with cultural events for all participants and accompanying persons.

Photo 2 - Gala dinner at Villa Mosconi Bertrani near Verona

Photo 3 - Concert of classical music in the old church of San Procolo

Photo 4 - Jazz concert, Arene Casarini concert hall, Hotel Due Torri, Verona

Photo 5 - Outdoor lunch in Venice

This Congress and Conference was organized as always by the Italian publishing company Interall Publications., as well as with the help of numerous sponsors from all over the world.

The next such meeting of aluminum industry specialists
will take place in 2019 year.