Aluminium alloy 3003

Chemical composition

Nominal chemical composition


Chemical composition according to EN 573-3

3003-ximsostavTable 1


  • GOST 4784-97: AMC
  • EN 573-3: EN AW-3003 и EN AW-Al Mn1Cu
  • Международная регистрация (Teal Sheats)Aluminum Association: 6005A
  • Unified Numbering System (UNS): A93003
  • ISO 209: 3003
  • DIN 1725-1 (отменен): AlMnCu и 3.0517

metallurgical properties

  • Обрабатывается методами прессования (экструзии), drawing, hot and cold rolling.
  • The main alloying element – manganese. Manganese, among other things, It provides good control of crystallization and grain growth.
  • Another alloying element – copper. Copper contributes to the mechanical properties.
  • Типичными состояниями материала являются: H1x, H2x, O, H112.
  • H112 condition is typical for extruded profiles. В этом случае оно обозначает: “pressed and subjected to tension straightening”.


Aluminum alloy 3003 used there, where good formability, very good resistance to corrosion and good weldability or all three properties together, and when the required strength above, than is available unalloyed aluminum.

alloy 3003 изготавливают:

  • cookware,
  • Technological and Commercial Equipment food and chemical industry,
  • capacity,
  • trim and finish in the construction and transport vehicles,
  • pressure vessels,
  • tubes.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties according to EN 755-2

Table 2 – Requirements for mechanical properties of the alloy 3003 в IN 755-2

Typical mechanical properties

Предел прочности при растяжении (временное сопротивление)

Table 3 – Typical mechanical properties of the alloy 3003 [1]


The conditioned tensile yield strength

See. table 3.

Relative extension

А (δ5) – 5-fold sample - see. table 3.

Yield compression

About the same, as well as the tensile.

Yield stress Shear

About 55 % of tensile strength.


See. table 3.

fatigue strength

Sm. table 3.

Physical properties

Poisson's ratio

0,33 at 20 oC.

Модуль упругости (модуль Юнга)

at stretching – 70000 MPa
Shear - 25000 MPa


2,73 g / cm3 at 20 ° C

Interval melting temperature

liquidus: 654 ° C
temperature solydus: 643 ° C

Coefficient of thermal expansion

Linear: 23,2 мкм/(м ∙°С) в интервале от 20 by 100 ° C.
Volume: 67 10-6 м3/(м3∙К) при 20 ° C.

Technological properties

The ability to heat strengthened

thermally neuprochnyaemy


Aluminium alloy 3003 good arc-welded under inert gas, in particular, argon arc welding, as non-consumable electrode (GTAW-TIG), and consumable electrode (GMWA-MIG). Welding Alloys - Aluminum Alloys 1100 and 4043.


415 ° C.


Alloy 3103

1) Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, ed. J. R. Quote.
2) IN 573-3.
3) IN 755-2.

The reference alloys