Welding aluminum alloys

4xxx series aluminum alloys

Aluminum alloys of the 4xxx series have a high silicon content (up to 12 %). Silicon is in the form of intermetallic particles, and also in the form of particles of pure silicon. All this makes these alloys brittle.. They have low formability and find very limited use in the form of products., obtained by plastic deformation methods. One such application is as a cladding of aluminum alloy sheets of the series 3xxx and 6xxx. Other applications are rods and wires for welding and brazing aluminum alloys.

Lots of silicon in aluminum

Aluminium-silicon aluminum alloys with a high silicon content are widely used for casting products.. They are characterized by high fluidity during pouring., as well as low shrinkage and reduced coefficient of thermal expansion of cast products. The high silicon content makes these alloys very brittle..