Standard for aluminum cans

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Standard aluminum cans for beer, juices and drinks

GOST R 51756-2001 spreads on aluminum cans Deep drawing with easy-open lids, designed for beer, juices, carbonated soft drinks.

They are often referred to simply as beer cans.

Terms for aluminum cans

  • Easy-open lid - cover, structure which provides for the possibility of opening a closed beer can without the use of special tools or equipment.
  • Podvivka - Tucked edge of the cover.
  • Bottom buckling pressure - excessive air pressure inside the banks, which leads to the eversion of the can bottom.
  • Pressure bulging lids - overpressure inside banks, leads to eversion cover.
  • puncture force - an effort, which is necessary to cover violations of the integrity of the incision line using the built-in her key.
  • opening effort - an effort, which is necessary for the complete opening of the banks of the incision line.
  • Can body - a bank to cover installation.

The latter term is introduced in addition to the terms of the standard. It seems logical to, that the bank - it's all, what is included in it: and the body, and cover. The standard refers to the bank as a bank without cover, and the whole jar assembly – This is confusing.

Parameters and dimensions of aluminum cans

Sizes of aluminum cans

The bodies of aluminum cans are manufactured in the following four standard sizes:

  • 202/206 × 408 - nominal capacity 0,33 liters;
  • 206/211 × 408 - nominal capacity 0,33 liters;
  • 206/211 × 610 - nominal capacity 0,5 liters;
  • 206/211 × 610 - nominal capacity 0,5 l.

Caps aluminum cans are made the same size 202 diameter 59,44 mm.

The exact meaning of these designations sizes we do not know. The only thing, we can say, that this standard does not have brought them - the same designations are used in international practice. Moreover, 408 mm - is, without a doubt, 16 inches, a 610 mm - 24 inch.

Basic parameters and dimensions

Basic parameters and dimensions of housings and covers of cans shown in the figure and table.

Housing a beer can

Figure 1 - Housing of aluminum cans

Table 1 - Nominal sizes of housings of aluminum cans


Cover of beer cans

Figure 2 - Cover of aluminum can

Table 2 – Nominal sizes of covers aluminum cans, mm


The mechanical strength of aluminum cans

Table 3 - Mechanical strength enclosures aluminum cans

Table 4 - Mechanical strength of aluminum cans caps

Aluminum alloys for cans

Aluminum beverage cans

The following materials are used for the manufacture of cans and lids:
– cans for buildings - aluminum tape, unpainted alloy 3104;
– Lid - aluminum tape, lacquered alloy 5182;
– Key cover - aluminum tape, lacquered or varnished, alloy 5182.


All, that given above are intended only for a brief acquaintance with the technical requirements of GOST R 51756-2001 the design and metallic materials of aluminum cans. For professional standard is necessary to use the full document. And best – an updated, that is proven standards body for all changes and additions.