Aluminum ingots GOST 1131-76


Below is an overview of GOST 1131-76 "Alloys wrought aluminum ingots" with the release of its most important provisions. Article Numbering sections do not coincide with the section numbering standard. For professional use GOST 1131-76 please refer to the full and updated text of the standard.

Application area

GOST 1131-76 It applies to aluminum wrought alloys in pigs, which are intended for:

  • production of ingots, processed pressure,
  • podshihtovki melt in producing the aluminum alloy.

Aluminum ingots for ingot casting pressure processing

Chemical composition of the aluminum alloy in ingots, which are intended for pressure treatment, are presented in Table 1.

tabl1Table 1

Aluminum ingots for podshihtovki

Chemical composition of the aluminum alloy in ingots, which are designed to podshihtovki, are presented in Table 2.
tabl2Table 2

Aluminum scrap for the production of ingots

Aluminum scrap and waste in the production of ingots for podshihtovki shown in Table 3.
tabl3Table 3

The form, the size and weight of aluminum ingots

Ingots of the aluminum alloys can be of different shapes, sizes and weights:

  • length: from 415 to 1750 mm;
  • width: from 93 to 1050 mm;
  • height: from 60 to 450 mm;
  • weight: from 5 to 1600 kg.

Technical requirements for aluminum ingots

  • The surface of the aluminum ingot should have bays, neslitin, sags, slag and other foreign inclusions.
  • On the surface of large-sized ingots of aluminum cracks are not allowed deeper than 10 mm.
  • Admits the following stripping or cutting defects.
  • Pigs in the fracture must not contain slag and other
    foreign inclusions.
  • Aluminum alloys for pressure treatment can be made in the form of bars.

Marking of aluminum ingots

1 Each chushka should be marked, including the grade (designation) of the aluminum alloy.
2 To designate the grade (designation) of the aluminum alloy, colored stripes are applied to one of the ends of the ingot:

  • Aluminum alloy VD - one red, one green, one black;
  • aluminum alloy VAK4 - one red and two black;
  • aluminum alloy VAK6 - one red and two blue;
  • aluminum alloy VD1 - one green and one white;
  • aluminum alloy AVD1 - one red and one yellow;
  • Aluminum Alloy AVD1-1 - one red, one yellow and figure 1;
  • aluminum alloy AKM - one blue and three yellow;
  • aluminum alloy VD95-1 - one green and two yellow;
  • aluminum alloy VD95-2 - one blue and one yellow;
  • aluminum alloy AKTSM - one blue and two yellow;
  • Aluminium alloy 1105 - one green and two white.