aluminum bottles

Universal packaging for liquids

Aluminum bottle has many advantages over other methods for packaging liquid products. It is considered the most promising way to package soft drinks all over the world. Aluminum bottles are the most flexible technical solution for the packaging of liquids. These bottles are ideal for storage and use of products such as lotions and other cosmetic and food products, water-based.

Aluminum bottles: what are they

aluminum bottles – an innovative aluminum products. Aluminum bottles are very light, safe and durable. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The global industry now uses aluminum bottles for beverages, including beer, the most incredible shapes and styles, including the most common – "Vintage", oval and so-called fitness.

Each individual bottle is produced from a single piece of pure aluminum - disk-shaped workpiece. Therefore, the aluminum bottle - it is uniform and seamless product.

For they love aluminum bottles

Marketers are choosing aluminum bottles for a variety of their dignity, including their convenience as a liquid container. They can be a lot of time to uncork and clog, they are strong and after use they 100 % recycled into new bottles. Aluminum bottle is easy to make memorable brand with a unique shape and appearance. Beer lovers appreciate the aluminum bottle for from the ability to keep the beer cold for much longer, other than beer, "containers", including, aluminum cans . New technologies make it possible to produce large aluminum bottle cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly, than existing processes, including aluminum cans.

In the last decade aluminum bottles have gained wide acceptance in marketing, thanks to their visual appeal, silver surfaces and various forms. This gives them the opportunity to promote a powerful new models of their products due to the bright ability to stand out among the usual items, especially among the many brands of soft drinks and beer. These advantages of aluminum bottles are good at promoting new lotions samples, detergents, and other consumer innovations.


Colored aluminum bottles for Coca-Cola

Each aluminum bottle - a style

Style of any product is dictated by its consumption. Convenience for drinking, storage, for transportation, on the street or in sports, for example, aluminum “velobutylki” - all this requires special bottle shapes and functions. Aluminum bottle can be small and large, with neck and without - the most adapted to the different conditions of their consumption. The appearance of an aluminum bottle itself is a style. One can choose between a rough metallic aluminum view after processing metal brushes and glamor multicolor images or views of a silver mirror.

alyuminievye-butylki-matovye + Matt aluminum bottles after treatment with special brushes

The dimensions of the aluminum bottles

Since the aluminum bottle can take various forms, their sizes also vary, but most bottles have a capacity of 60 to 300 milliliters, and sometimes up to 1000 milliliters. The diameter of the bottles is from 35 to 53 mm.


Aluminum bottles of different sizes

"Zakryvashki" aluminum bottles

Variety of ways capping aluminum bottles as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the purpose of the aluminum bottle can be manufactured with different types of sprayers, caps or plugs - from aluminum or plastics.

by the way, for manufacturing aluminum caps for bottles used aluminum foil of an aluminum alloy 8011. Alloy 8011 It has the formula Al SiFe and contains about 0,6 % silicon, and 0,75 % gland.

What's inside aluminum bottles

Aluminum bottle consists of pure aluminum, usually made of aluminum grades 1050A (AD0) or 1070A (AD00). Inside the bottle is covered with a layer of special food varnish. This varnish prevents corrosion of aluminum, which could ruin us our beer, and juices, Cider and other healthy drinks.

New aluminum bottle from the old

Most aluminum bottles produced from recycled aluminum, which is obtained from used bottles aluminum. therefore, when you select a shelf aluminum beer bottle, you, including, will contribute to the environmental protection.


Industrial aluminum cans
Storage of liquid and bulk materials

Need to mark, that used aluminum bottles much easier to melt into the secondary aluminum, than aluminum beer cans. The thing is, that aluminum bottles are composed of only one “alloy”, pure or technical aluminum 1050A 1070a. Beer cans consist of as many as three alloys of different series: alloy body 3004 (3104), cap – alloy 5182, and the key-opener – alloy 5042.