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Ассоциация: всего один год

16 December 2016 of the year at the World Trade Center in Moscow, the annual general meeting of the Aluminum Association of Russia was held. This organization was formed just a year ago, but has already done a lot of work to develop the aluminum industry in Russia, first of all, to promote the use aluminum products in goods with high added value. As known, Russia is one of the world leaders in the production of primary aluminum, however, the use of aluminum in finished products, for example, in mechanical engineering, construction and everyday life, lags far behind the countries of the European Union, North America and even China. This is associated with a number of problems., to solve which together with companies producing and consumers of aluminum products, and is the main task of the Association.

To date, the Association includes about 50 companies, полный список которых можно найти на сайте Ассоциации:

In the same place, Online, можно найти:

  • Official press release on the course of the meeting and topics, which were discussed
  • Interviews with meeting participants - they talk about the main directions of the Association's work and how it helps them in their work

Below we will touch on the issues in more detail, that, in our opinion, are the most relevant from a technical point of view.

Increase high-tech aluminum exports

The work of the Aluminum Association covers all industries, where is aluminum used. First of all, these are the industries, where domestic producers can play a key role, но которые требуют определенного содействия: машиностроение, construction, electrical and power engineering, as well as consumer goods, for example, furniture, packaging, heating radiators.

In most of these industries, the share of imports is currently very significant. However, there are prerequisites for, that with due attention to their problems, domestic manufacturers can not only compete with foreign manufacturers in the Russian market, but also to find its place in the foreign markets for aluminum products with high added value.

At the meeting, the statistics of import and export of aluminum-containing products was announced. Among others, was noted, that Russian companies export not only primary aluminum and alloys, but also high-tech aluminum semi-finished products, for example, sheets and rods from special alloys for mechanical engineering. At the same time, the import of finished consumer aluminum products - foil is quite large, building structures, furniture profiles and accessories, radiators, etc..

More aluminum in finished export products

The decline in domestic consumption of extruded aluminum products continues. Over the past two years, it has reached about 22%. This prompted domestic companies to look for their own exits to external, including, European markets. However, как отметил Евгений Рачков (Татпроф), this export is so far more related to the position of the national currency, than with the development of the industry. The real development of export will be the sale abroad of finished products from aluminum profiles, e.g. furniture or building structures, not semi-finished profiles. Такую продукцию в настоящее время часто импортируют как из Европы (готовые двери, facades, элементы интерьера), так и из Китая (мебельный профиль, fasteners, фурнитура). The decrease in the need for aluminum profiles was also affected by the fact, that the allocation of funds for new construction projects has been significantly reduced. Therefore, there are fewer creative facade solutions, where aluminum plays a key role.

Мебельные профили: добиваться высокого качества

Furniture manufacturers' representatives raised an important topic. It turns out, furniture profile for sliding wardrobes in most cases is purchased in China. Usually it is a thin-walled aluminum profile with high demands on appearance, which the, usually, obtained by color anodizing. The production of high quality anodized profiles is often problematic in Russia. Such production requires knowledge and skills., as in pressing, and in anodizing profiles, which are not available to all domestic manufacturers. Более подробно о проблемах анодирования алюминиевых профилей читайте здесь:
Aluminum anodizing
How the quality of extruded profiles affects the quality of anodizing
Aluminum electrolytic color anodising

Aluminum profiles for windows and doors

Concerning the production of aluminum profiles for construction, it was noted, as in residential, and office construction, aluminum can successfully compete with other materials. The Association is already working to increase the use of aluminum in housing construction. In residential buildings, warm aluminum profiles with polyamide inserts are especially relevant.. For more information on the warm profile, see.
Warm aluminum windows.

An important factor in the use of aluminum in construction in world practice is the calculation of the cost of the life cycle of a building, which takes into account not only the cost of construction, but also operating costs, energy consumption and material disposal. In this approach, aluminum structures also have advantages during the construction phase due to their easy installation., and in improving energy efficiency, and due to the high residual value in the disposal of materials. This approach requires analysis and a certain initiative of government bodies - it is in large public facilities that the benefits of such an approach can be significant.

Updating standards and building codes

One of the biggest problems in the development of the aluminum industry in Russia is the inconsistency of the regulatory framework with the current situation. Most of GOSTs and SNiPs, related to the use of aluminum, not updated more 20 лет! Именно задача по пересмотру стандартов может дать толчок отрасли уже в 2017 year.

was noted, what, in the first place require revision 86 standards, which are closely related to aluminum. This topic is especially close to us and we note with satisfaction, that the Aluminum Association is making serious efforts to create quality standards. For this, a special TC Technical Committee has been created. 099 при РосСтандарте и он уже начал активную работу!

On our website, we pay a lot of attention to the analysis of the state of affairs in the standardization of aluminum products. For problems and confusion in some domestic GOSTs and SNiPs, see., eg:
Two aluminum alloys AD31
About the confusion of the states of aluminum profiles

Confusion like this can lead to erroneous orders for aluminum products., wrong delivery, conflicts between suppliers and consumers and economic losses.

Aluminum wiring to every home

One example of an outdated approach to using aluminum is aluminum wiring.. Aluminum has been completely eliminated from low voltage applications and replaced by more expensive copper due to problems, faced with aluminum wires in the past. However, new aluminum alloys have been used in the world for many years., которые по своим свойствам (механическим, электрическим) не уступают меди, however, they can significantly reduce the cost of wiring in the construction of buildings.

was noted, what The Aluminum Association successfully combats low-quality counterfeit cable products, as well as the great potential for increasing the use of aluminum in the cable industry. Now like in the world, so there are modern aluminum alloys in Russia, which allow the production of high-quality wiring also for low-voltage networks. However, to start using such products in Russia, it is necessary to revise and modernize the regulatory framework.. Read more about the world experience of using aluminum wiring in our article
Aluminum wiring in Russia and abroad

Aluminum in cars

The automotive industry is perhaps the most promising industry, where aluminum finds more and more application in world practice. However, in Russia this industry is just far behind., especially in the localization of the production of aluminum parts. The Aluminum Association therefore considers consolidating the market and improving communication with domestic companies as one of its tasks., to make optimal use of existing opportunities and to promote the acquisition and development of new production technologies.

A special type of product is aluminum rims Is both a product of the automotive industry and almost a household product, as consumers buy it. The main problem now, as in the cable industry, is the lack of an effective quality control mechanism. Из-за этого на рынке много недоброкачественной продукции как отечественного так и импортного (китайского) производства. The danger of this situation is, that the low quality of such responsible products poses a direct threat to the life and health of people, since discs that do not meet standards and do not pass proper tests can cause accidents.

Association – for the construction industry

The report of Olga Ogorodnikova, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Association, aroused great interest.. The main areas of work of the Association for the Development of the Construction Industry were noted, such as the:

  • Development of effective codes of practice for aluminum facades, to normalize and facilitate the design of such structures.
  • The development of a regulatory framework for aluminum bridges should help the implementation of structures such as lightweight demountable pedestrian bridges over highways or railways.
  • Products and technologies, which are widely used in the world, but which have no analogues on the Russian market. for instance, aluminum scaffolding and formwork for construction and repair works, which can not only be quickly assembled and disassembled, but which also have a high cost after the end of their service life - in the form of aluminum scrap. Aluminum greenhouses are another example., that were and remain promising direction in aluminum structures.
  • Mastering by national manufacturers of high-quality anodizing of rolled sheets for finishing works - such products are still fully imported.

See. Eurocodes 9 – rules for the use of aluminum in building structures

Many more interesting and important

Other interesting topics, которые обсуждались на заседании:

  • The use of aluminum in railway transport
  • Application of new aluminum alloys in oil and gas pipes.
  • Alloys for 3D printing from aluminum
  • Ecology of aluminum production and its impact on the development of the world market
  • Project Aluminum Valley in Krasnoyarsk.

We will be writing on these topics in our next articles..