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LED lightening

The use of LED lighting is growing rapidly around the world. Only in the United States through the use of LED lighting in place of the usual 2012 year saved 675 millions of dollars. The main consumers of LED lighting, for example, in USA, are the following consumer niches:

  • interior lighting;
  • directories and advertising;
  • LED lamps of the MR-16 type;
  • backlighting of the landscape;
  • lamps of various designs;
  • Outdoor Lighting;
  • parking lots and garages lighting.

According to experts, If these all consumers in the light of these niches have completely switched to LED lighting, the annual savings in the United States would have been much 37 billions of dollars.

What is LED profile?

The figure 1 shows a section of the simplest LED aluminum profile - corner, as well as the simplest LED lighting kit:

  • LED aluminum profile,
  • diffusing lens,
  • LED Strip Light,
  • end cap and
  • mounting bracket.


komplekt-svetodiodnyy +Figure 1 - LED Corner Profile

Aluminum Extruders and LED business

Full transition to LED lighting poses a serious challenge to the detergent manufacturer for a wide range of LED devices. The main role is played among these manufacturers manufacturers of aluminum profiles.

LEDs and associated electronic devices generate heat, which should always take, to extend their lifespan. Since LEDs do not need to be replaced for many years, the device for their placement must also do without any maintenance.

Manufacturers of aluminum profiles for LED lighting quickly track new trends and developing LED applications for their increasingly intricate designs.

Function LED aluminum profiles

LED aluminum profiles or Profiles for LED strip, as they are often called, have several important functions:

  • a heat sink for removing heat,
  • light reflector.
  • corrosion-resistant and, if necessary, a sealed enclosure for LEDs and other electronic equipment;
  • bases for mounting all LED equipment: with lens mounts, cavities for the electrical cables and grooves for the end caps.

Aluminum profiles give designers and designers almost complete creative freedom when developing their shape - cross-section: they allow "to place the metal exactly there, where it is needed ".

another, and very important, property of aluminum profiles is their full ability to infinite and metallurgical processing at almost the same aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profiles provide a system of LED lighting a number of useful and convenient tools, which make them truly multi-functional. Aluminum profiles easily take many different forms with any degree of complexity and with a variety of wall thicknesses. Extrusion dies are, in addition, relatively inexpensive. The ability to cut aluminum profiles, forming, bending, machining, as well as painting and anodizing makes it ideal for installation of LED lighting.

Typically aluminum profiles for LED illumination is manufactured from aluminum alloys 6063 и 6060. other, close to them 6xxx series alloys, They may also be used. Aluminum profiles are nonmagnetic and, Moreover, have high electrical and thermal conductivity. This makes them ideal for use in LED lighting systems.

Selection and heat dissipation from the LEDs

Aluminum LED profiles often include rib - thin and long, which are designed to dissipate heat, which comes from the light emitting diodes. LED lighting products are often very hot. Therefore, aluminum profiles play a key role in ensuring the normal thermal regime LEDs, to provide them with a long service life, as well as high light quality. Aluminum profiles conduct heat much better, than other materials, such as steel, и, Moreover, they do not suffer from surface porosity, which prevents recoil of heat from the surface, as is the case with metal castings.

Aluminum Profiles for LEDs

Aluminum profiles can provide a lot of useful features, among which the most popular are (figure 2):

  • built-in hinges;
  • grooves for screws and self-tapping screws;
  • slots for installing printed circuit boards;
  • grooves for rubber seals;
  • dovetail joints;
  • places for installation of latch caps;
  • decorative surfaces: corrugated and corrugated.

alyuminevyy-profil-funkcionalnyyFigure 2 - The basic functionality of technical solutions
for aluminum profiles

LED market niches for aluminum profiles

The use of aluminum profiles in the LED lighting is soaring worldwide. Aluminum profiles can easily adapt to both internal, and outdoor lighting , in industry, domestic, on transport, outdoor advertising.

Industrial applications include aluminum housing LED lighting for industrial and storage premises. A large market for LED lighting applications is:

  • exterior lighting of roads and bridges,
  • city ​​streets,
  • underground and surface transitions,
  • sidewalks,
  • bike paths,
  • road markings and road signs,
  • digital Signage,
  • advertising billboards,
  • scoreboards,
  • landscape lighting, including lighting and lighting of parks and gardens, and
  • backlit high-rise buildings.

Indoor LED lighting is used almost everywhere:

  • parking and garage,
  • supermarkets,
  • shopping malls and the usual shops,
  • banks and offices,
  • exhibition halls,
  • Schools and Libraries,
  • hospital,
  • restaurants and hotels,
  • entertainment venues and stadiums.

Aluminum Profiles for LEDs are widely used on the facades of buildings for decorative purposes and for safety. On vehicles increasingly include cavity - the cavity of the aluminum profiles - for the installation of LED lighting, including on:

  • ambulances,
  • airplanes,
  • trains,
  • buses,
  • subway cars, and
  • at stations and airports.

In the residential sector use LED systems in aluminum profiles for outdoor landscape lighting, internal premises lighting, and portable, portable lighting.

Set in aluminum profiles LEDs help create a safe and comfortable home with a belt light, built in:

  • stair treads,
  • handrails and railings,
  • under kitchen cabinets,
  • on the ceiling or
  • exit door.

Aluminum shell of the profiles for LED lighting can be sealed, which makes it safe to apply it like:

  • exterior security lighting,
  • highlighting garage doors,
  • emergency signs, and
  • decoration gardens, streams, ponds and pools.

Leading firms offer numerous standard profiles for the production of LED profiles, that solve any problems LED lighting, since these profiles are compact, they can cut a predetermined length and is easy to install virtually anywhere.

Aluminum Profiles for LEDs as a business

for instance, known American company AIT Technologies specializes in the development and producing aluminum profiles LED Lighting. It has a complex design of aluminum profiles for the installation of LED lighting everywhere, wherever it pleases inside and outside buildings: from kitchens, bathrooms and tracks in the yard to the office complexes. These profiles allow you to integrate LEDs into stair treads, railing, furniture, sills and floor.

The following shows only a few examples of the many firms AIT LED aluminum profiles.

svetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-potolkaFigure 3 - Aluminum LED profile
Ceiling and walls of plasterboard

svetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-polasvetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-pola-2Figure 4 - Aluminum LED profile for sex

svetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-lestincaFigure 5 - Aluminum LED profile
for stair steps

svetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-kuxnyasvetodiodnyy-profil-dlya-kuxnya-2Figure 6 - Aluminum LED profile
to illuminate the kitchen

The development potential of LED aluminum profiles

The potential for growth in the use of extruded aluminum for mounting and installation of LED lighting in all market niches is virtually limitless. Expansion of the use of LED lighting dictates the energy savings and maintenance costs in the amount of 70-80 %. To install a new lighting or reconstruction of old in the near future may require vast amounts of LED aluminum profiles - aluminum profiles for LED strip.


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