Aluminium Two Thousand 2019

From 9 by 13 April 2019 of the year - in the Italian city of Treviso, near Venice, took place, the 11th, Aluminum Congress 2000 – ALUMINIUM TWO THOUSAND. As usual, the Congress 2019 year brought together current professionals of the global aluminum industry on one site.

We were at the Congress 2017! It is necessary to see and feel!

15 September – the last day of submission of reports

Organizers of the 11th Congress Aluminum Two Thousand remind, that is a few days before the deadline for submission of reports - this 15 September 2018 of the year.

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Get inspired and motivated

During this international event qualified "aluminum producers" from around the world meet in one place in the Italian city of Treviso. Based on the experience of previous Congresses Aluminium alloys 2000 c 2019 year it will be attended by about 500 participants.

You have a unique opportunity to hear and see how, what did your colleagues, to business in their sector of the aluminum industry was successful. This can give you a strong motivation and inspiration, to follow in their footsteps and also to succeed in your business.

Main Topics of the Conference 2019 year

  • Markets and Strategy
  • The ingots of aluminum alloys and related equipment
  • rolling Technology
  • Applications of aluminum in architecture and special areas
  • Transport and automotive industry
  • Anodizing
  • Powder and other coatings
  • Aluminum Extrusion and Benchmark mathematical models
  • Automation
  • measurement methods, testing and monitoring
  • Research and development of new materials and products
  • Environmental protection and recycling scrap
  • casting methods

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Special and unforgettable evening

Only for speakers, delegates and accompanying persons:

  • Concert of classical music performed by well-known artists in the ancient church of the 17th century in the historic center of Treviso
  • Sophisticated and elegant gala dinner with the masterpieces of Italian cuisine in the historic residence CASTELLO DI RONCADE.

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