Aluminium Two Thousand 2019 in Treviso

April 2019 in Italy

C 9 by 13 April 219 in the Italian city of Treviso, near Venice, will be another, the 11th, Aluminum Congress 2000 – ALUMINIUM TWO THOUSAND.

Like the previous ten congresses Aluminium Two Thousand, the Congress 2019 year, will bring together professionals active global aluminum industry.

How did the previous, 10-th Congress, look. here. We were there, It's unforgettable!

New knowledge and experience for your production

Feature of ALUMINUM congresses 2000 It is, that they are intended for close and fruitful communication of technical specialists of all levels: heads of production departments and sections, factory technical service engineers, researchers and developers of technological equipment. The warm and democratic atmosphere of the Congress provides an opportunity to get acquainted first-hand with the latest innovations and technical findings, exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world, be filled with knowledge and ideas for solving any production problems.

Invitation for speakers

Congress Organizing Committee Aluminium Two Thousand 2019 invites professionals in the aluminum industry and related fields to make a presentation on the topics below.

More information about the Congress 2019 –