Aluminium melting

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are melted for recycling them in the casting, ingots for further processing or remelting. The components of the melting of the charge - bullion, dopants and waste - may contain gases, oxides and other inclusions, which can be harmful to the finished aluminum products. In plavlenyy, fluxing (or other melt processing), and transferring melt processing line oxide content and gas must be maintained no higher than a predetermined level, to obtain metal of acceptable quality.

The molten metal is added alloying elements, such as copper, magnesium,, manganese, silicon or zinc, and various refining and modifying additives for alloys predetermined chemical composition and quality.

In this category are presented technology for treating the molten aluminum, which are used in modern-day aluminum industry. Sources of materials articles are authoritative foreign scientific and technical monographs and collected papers.

Methods and techniques for treatment of molten aluminum in order to increase its purity. Are performed prior to casting in molds or casting blanks for further processing by pressure. It includes fluxes processing, blowing inert gases, filtration, settling, removal of slag, etc.. d.